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  • 0.5% full scale (Grade 2A, ASME B40.100) accuracy
  • Vacuum to 30,000 psi range
  • 4.5, 6 & 8.5in diameter dial size
  • Black, aluminum, solid front case material
  • IP54 dry case weather protection
  • IP 65 liquid filled glass window
  • Micrometer adjustable pointer
  • Movement: Rotary, 400 SS, Teflon coated pinion gear & segment


The Ashcroft 1379 Duragauge pressure gauge is a rugged, solid-front aluminum case gauge. It is available in ranges from vacuum to 30,000 psi with combination and metric ranges also available. Dial sizes include 4.5, 6, and 8.5 inches. The 4.5 and 6 inch sizes can be liquid filled for pressures up to 30,000 psi. Hermetically sealed versions of the Ashcroft 1379 Duragauge pressure gauge are also available (contact us for details). All cases are coated with black epoxy which will withstand most environmental conditions.

The Ashcroft 1379 Duragauge pressure gauge has a 4.5 inch full-size Bourdon tube. The patented Duratube has as-welded-tube construction and "Round Cap tip" construction to control stress for a longer life. The micrometer has an adjustable pointer, and the Ashcroft 1379 Duragauge pressure gauge uses Teflon coated 400 series stainless steel rotary movement for longer life.

The Ashcroft 1379 Duragauge pressure gauge has a PLUS! performance option to provide liquid-filled performance in a dry gauge - fighting vibration and pulsations without liquid-filled headaches.


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-30 inHg to 15 psi
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