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  • ±0.5% full scale accuracy
  • 9 engineering units
  • Vacuum to 19,999 psi pressure range
  • 100ms update rate
  • CE EN 61326 (1998) approval
  • CE EN 61326 annex A (heavy industrial) approval

The Ashcroft ® D1005PS digital gauge offers 0.5% of span accuracy, while the stainless steel sensor and socket make this product suitable not only for dry air applications but for other media as well.

The Ashcroft D1005PS digital gauge offers selectable units of measure so rather than purchasing one gauge for each unit of measure required, the solution is one gauge for multiple units of measure.

The Ashcroft D1005PS digital gauge is standard with many features not offered, or offered only as options, on competitor's digital gauge products, such as peak hold and 4½ digit display. When compared to mechanical gauges, the Ashcroft D1005PS digital gauge offers overall enhanced value.

Ashcroft Type 330 Diaphragm Seal
All welded flush mini diaphragm seal, metal construction prevents process media leakage, 1in process connection, 316L SS material
Ashcroft Type 311 / 312 Diaphragm Seal
All-welded "midi" diaphragm seal with metal construction prevents process media leakage with 316L stainless top housing
Ashcroft Type 320 Diaphragm Seal
Quick connect 316L stainless steel diaphragm welded to a 316L stainless steel top housing, fill/bleed connection
Ashcroft Type 100 Series Diaphragm Seals
Threaded capsule diaphragm seal, the top housing & diaphragm capsule are interchangeable with all Ashcroft bottom housings
Ashcroft Type 310/315 Diaphragm Seals
All-welded mini diaphragm seals for protecting transducers or gauges 3.5in or smaller from corrosion, plugging & freeze-up
In Stock
Ashcroft Type 200 Series Diaphragm Seals
Process connection ranging from 1/4 to 8in, fill/bleed connection is standard, includes removable top housing
Ashcroft Type 700 Series Diaphragm Seals
For pressure instruments ranging from 30 inches H2O to 750 psi with large displacement actuators
Ashcroft Type 510 / 511 Diaphragm Seals
All welded compact design with 316L SS housing material, adds 1/2 accuracy to the instrument it's attached to
Ashcroft Type 300 Series Diaphragm Seal
Clamped diaphragm seals with an elastomeric or Teflon diaphragm between top & bottom housing with clamp rings
Ashcroft 1092 / 1094 / 1095 Gauge Cock
Ideal where process protection is essential