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  • ASME B 40.1 Grade 3A (±0.25% of span) accuracy
  • 4.5, 6 & 8.5in dial size
  • Bronze/brass, Monel wetted material
  • Bourdon tube sensing element
  • ¼ or ½in NPT connection
  • Vac to 10,000 psi range
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The Ashcroft 1082 test gauge can be used as a transfer standard for periodically checking the accuracy of pressure instruments or as a laboratory instrument for research and test labs. The wealth of features make the Ashcroft 1082 test gauge excellent for process applications where high accuracy in pressure measurement is essential.

The Ashcroft 1082 test gauge includes an external adjustable dial which facilitates compensation for tare or zero adjustment and temperature compensated movement that significantly reduces temperature error. Ashcroft test gauges include a special bimetallic element which automatically reduces ambient temperature errors to less than 0.005% per degree F.