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  • ±0.5% full scale (Grade 2A, ASME B40.100) accuracy
  • VAC, compound to 30,000 psi pressure range
  • 4.5in dial size
  • IP54 dry case protection
  • IP65 liquid filled or hermetically sealed case protection
  • 1/4 or 1/2in NPT connection size
  • Lower or back connection location
  • Micrometer adjustable pointer
  • Phenolic case for superior chemical resistance and fire safety
  • Solid-front case design with blow-out back for safety
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The Ashcroft 1279 Duragauge pressure gauge is the finest production gauge on the market for industrial use where precise indications are required. The Duragauge product line offers a wide variety of case styles, Bourdon tubes and pressure ranges to meet your application needs.

The Ashcroft 1279 Duragauge can be ordered with pressure ranges from vacuum to 30,000 psi with compound ranges available. The solid front case is made of phenolic resin for superior chemical resistance and fire safety and includes a blow-out back. It is field convertible to hermetically sealed or liquid filled style. Various socket and Bourdon tube materials are available. The Ashcroft 1279 Duragauge pressure gauge has a micrometer adjustable pointer and 400 series stainless steel construction of moving parts, which wear better, facilitating longer life. A teflon-coated pinion also facilitates longer life.

The Ashcroft 1279 Duragauge pressure gauge is part of the receiver gauge family. Ashcroft receiver gauges are used in conjunction with pneumatic transmitters to indicate pressure, temperature, flow, or other process parameters that can be transmitted by proportional variations in air pressure.

The Ashcroft 1279 Duragauge pressure gauge's PLUS! performance option provides liquid-filled performance in a dry gauge - fighting vibration and pulsations without liquid-filled headaches.

With the component combinations available in the Duragauge line, over ten million variations are possible to serve the needs of all types of industries, including process, power, nuclear, aerospace, and cryogenics.