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  • Accuracy: 0.1% full-scale (ASME B40.1, Grade 4A)
  • Ranges: 15 to 100,000 psi
  • Engineering Units: psi, mmHg, kg/cm2, kPa, MPa, inHg, inH2O, Vacuum, Compound Vacuum
  • Repeatability: ±0.02% full-scale
  • Hysteresis: ±0.1% full-scale


The Ashcroft A4A precision dial pressure gauge yields consistent, reliable accuracy through the use of state-of-the-art precision machining and the world's most refined Bourbon tube technology. This eliminates the need for a power source and precludes the associated problems such as susceptibility to electronic line noise, power outage or potential fire hazard.

In addition, this mechanical instrument is simple to operate, easy to troubleshoot, and can be readily flushed or purged to remove foreign matter or trapped gas. Accurate and reliable, the Ashcroft A4A sets a new standard for precision test gauges.

Other features of the Ashcroft A4A precision dial pressure gauge include a ±0.1% full-scale accuracy (ASME B40.1, Grade 4A), ranges from 15 to 100,000 psi, a solid front protective case, high and low pressure limit stops, mirror band dial to eliminate parallax reading error and optional temperature compensation which maintains 0.1% accuracy from -25° to 125°F.