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  • Process connection sizes from 1/4 to 3in
  • Variety of process connections
  • Fill/bleed connection is standard
  • Teflon or Viton diaphragm seals
  • Rugged, flexible & fatigue resistant
  • Continuous-duty design

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The Ashcroft Type 300 Series diaphragm seal uses a clamped design with an either Teflon or Viton for the diaphragm material. The Teflon diaphragm offers corrosion resistance to most acids, caustics, alkalies, keytones, hydrocarbons, and alcohols. A fill/bleed connection is standard, which permits filling the seal and instrument simultaneously after evacuation, and allows the fill to flow into the completed unit. The continuous-duty design will prevent loss of process fluid if the pressure instrument is removed or fails.

Applications for Ashcroft Type 300 Series diaphragm seals include elevated process temperatures, corrosive services, isolation of the process for safety, suspended solids in the process, sanitary connections, replacement process dead leg, and cleaning between batches.