Founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1905, Badger Meter has earned an international reputation as a leader in the development and manufacture of flow management solutions. Its products are used to measure and control the flow of liquids, including water, oil and chemicals. Badger Meter serves the global flow measurement market with products for water utilities and industrial and commercial markets including energy and petroleum; food and beverage; pharmaceutical; chemical; HVAC; process; wastewater; and automotive.

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Badger Meter M2000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Versatile, user-friendly flow metering system for general purpose applications
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Badger Meter RCDL Nutating Disc Flow Meter
±1.5% accuracy and ±0.5% repeatability for metering of industrial fluids
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Badger Meter Recordall Turbo Series Flow Meters
For potable cold water in commercial and industrial applications where flow is in one direction only
Badger Meter Series 200 Flow Sensors
Paddlewheel sensor for accurate flow measurements in pipes up to 40 inches in diameter
Badger Meter Recordall Compound Series Meter
Combine two metering technologies in one innovative package
Badger Meter Industrial Turbo Turbine Flow Meter
Flow meter for applications with some high volume and/or high flow rates
Badger Meter M5000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter
For general purpose, battery operated detection and field verification testing
Badger Meter SDI Series Flow Sensors
Accurate, economical impeller flow sensors for insertion or hot tap installations
Badger Meter M1000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Available in sizes from 1/4 to 10 inches with processor-based signal conversion, accurate to ±0.3%
Badger Meter 380DS Impeller BTU System
Dual service BTU meter measures flow and temperature differential to compute energy for cold or hot systems
Badger Meter RCT1000 Coriolis Flow Meter
Remote or integral mount sensor that simultaneously measures mass flow, fluid density and fluid temperature
Badger Meter M3000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Non-intrusive flow meter with Class I, Div 2 hazardous location approval for almost any conductive fluid or slurry
Badger Meter PC200 Industrial Process Controller
Designed for batching and filling any quantity as well as displaying total, accumulated total and flow rate
Badger Meter EPM-2 Oval Gear Meter
Electronic preset meter designed specifically to measure and dispense bulk fluids from 0.25 to 10 gallons per minute
Badger Meter Series 735 Flow Sensors
Impeller flow sensors for accurate metering of flow velocities from 2 to 20 ft/second
Badger Meter Model 310 Analog Transmitter
Programmable transmitter for converting flow signals to a linear 4-20mA analog signal
Badger Meter M4000 Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Non-intrusive flow meter with Class I, Div 1 hazardous location approval for almost any conductive fluid or slurry
Badger Meter RCT1000 Transmitter
NEMA 4 (IP-65) enclosure, temp range: 14 to 160°F (-10 to 70°C), built–in 100 Ω Platinum RTD within the sensor body
Badger Meter M7600 Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Ideal for batching in industrial process, 0.5% accuracy, standard pulse outputs
Badger Meter Series 4000 Flow Sensor
Flow detection electronics can be serviced or replaced without opening the pipe, no exposure to wetted parts
Badger Meter FC-5000 BTU Monitor
Industrial flow computer displays flow data, energy usage and temperature readings
Badger Meter FC-5000 Flow Display
Industrial & compact flow computer that displays flow rates, totals and relay status
Badger Meter RVL Series Vortex Flow Meter
Vortex-shedding technology with embedded piezoelectric pressure sensors, temperature range up to 203°F
Badger Meter Model 320 Pulse Transmitter
Programmable transmitter for converting flow signals to a scaled units/pulse signal
Badger Meter Model 3700 Data Acquisition Server
Powerful data acquisition server that allows users to log data easily and efficiently
Badger Meter Model 340 Energy Transmitter
Economical, compact device for sub-metering applications
Badger Meter Model 330 Relay Transmitter
Programmable relay control for converting flow signals into a flow switch
Badger Meter HR Series Registers
Permanently sealed, electronic LCD with field-programmable option for flow rates in seconds, minutes, and hours
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Badger Meter PFT-1E & PFT-4E Signal Transmitters
Meter mounted electronic scaled pulse signal transmitters
Badger Meter RTR Signal Transmitter
Meter mounted scaled pulse totalizer
Badger Meter M-Series Field Verification Device
For field verification testing of the Badger Meter M-Series electromagnetic flow meters
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Badger Meter FT-1, PFT-2 and FT-2XP Signal Transmitters
Meter mounted mechanical unscaled pulse transmitters
Badger Meter 840134-0002 Programming Kit
USB to DIC converter programming kit facilitates the connection of legacy devices to USB computer ports
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Badger Meter HR Series Register Programming Kit
Includes software on USB and IR head for programming/scaling with sensor stand
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Badger Meter ER Series Digital Transmitters
Meter or remote mount, designed for use with Disc meters, Industrial Turbo Meters, Recordal Turbo Meters and OP Meters
Badger Meter PFT420 Analog Flow Transmitters
PFT420, PFT420/2 & FT420B versatile analog flow transmitters with 4-20 mA DC output signal through a two-wire design
Badger Meter M2000 Communication DaughterBoard
Communication Daughterboard HART, profibus or Modbus protocol kits available
Badger Meter ASDIB-20 Programming Kit
Programming kit for battery powered Badger Meter SDI series flow sensors
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Badger Meter EPT-1XP and PEPT-1 Signal Transmitters
Meter mounted electronic unscaled pulse signal transmitters
Badger Meter RCDL Totalizer
Basic meter mounted non-resettable totalizer
Badger Meter M-Series Ground Rings
Set of two stainless steel grounding rings, 1/2 to 48 inch options available
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Badger Meter PM5 and MSE5XP Signal Transmitters
Meter mounted mechanical scaled pulse signal transmitters
Badger Meter 258 HW Totalizer
Meter mounted non-resettable mechanical totalizer
Badger Meter MS-E1 and MS-ER1 Signal Transmitters
Meter mounted mechanical scaled pulse signal transmitters
Badger Meter 300 Series Programming Kit
Software and programming cable for Badger Meters 300 series transmitters
Badger Meter Electronic Unscaled Pulse Transmitters
FT-1E, PFT-2E and PFT-3E meter mounted electronic unscaled pulse signal transmitters
Badger Meter PFT-3 Signal Transmitter
Reed switch transmitter with unscaled pulse output for Turbo Meters
Badger Meter HTT Hot Tap Tool
Portable hot tap removal and insertion tool
Badger Meter M5000 Data Logging Kit
Records totalizer/error events, configuration change events, and startup events (power up, power down, or reset events)
Badger Meter M2000 Feature Kits
Firmware update, data logging and store/restore kits available
Badger Meter ModHopper R9120-5 Wireless Transceiver
Wireless Modbus, pulse transceiver that works in conjunction with the 3700 data acquisition server
Badger Meter A1027 Hot Tap Adapter
Brass tapping adaptor for Badger Meters SDI flow sensors
Badger Meter Recordall Turbo Head Assembly
Replacement head assemblies for Recordall Turbo series flow meters
Badger Meter Industrial Turbo Head Assembly
Replacement head assemblies for the Industrial Turbo flow meter
Badger Meter Cable Assembly Kit
20, 35, 50, 70 and 100 ft cable length options, PVC and FEP jacket options
Badger Meter A8332-8F2D Flex I/O Module
8 user selectable inputs with choice of current, voltage, resistance, pulse, & status modes
Badger Meter Temperature Sensors
Thermistor and RTD style temperature sensors for Badger Meter energy transmitters/monitors
Badger Meter RTD Element
Replacement RTD element with 6 inch leads in protecting tube
Badger Meter Extension Cable
Extension cables for SDI series flow sensors with remote display
Badger Meter EC-A Signal Transmitter
Meter mounted electronic contacting register
Badger Meter A8911-23 Pulse Input Expansion Card
Simple, cost-effective way to collect data from multiple pulse meters and bring that information into a Modbus network or energy monitoring system
Badger Meter 67002 Thermistor Element
Replacement thermistor element with 6 inch leads in protecting tube