Badger Meter PFT420 Analog Flow Transmitters
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  • Solid-State Circuitry, Long Life, High Reliability
  • Opto-isolator: Open collector transistor
  • Accuracy: Within 0.5% of point
  • Repeatability: Within 0.2% of point
  • Plastic (PFT design) or bronze (FT design) housing
  • NEMA 4X Rating (PFT design)

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The Badger Meter PFT420, PFT420/2 and FT420B are versatile analog flow transmitters for use with Badger's complete line of flow meters. These solid state units produce a 4-20 mA DC output signal through a two-wire design. They also provide a digital pulse output. The outputs are isolated from power supply negative. The 4-20 mA output signal is directly proportional to the rate of flow through the meter. The signal has excellent linearity, accuracy and repeatability.

These flow transmitters will precisely condition and transmit flow meter signals for process control in the chemical, food & beverage, water conditioning, pharmaceutical and any other industry where measurement and control of fluid flow is required. The transmitter outputs are compatible with most process controllers, totalizers and flow indication devices such as chart recorders and other data logging devices.

The PFT420 is for use with Badger Meter disc, OP and Recordall turbo flow meters. The FT420B is for use with Badger Meter disc meter. The PFT420/2 is for use with the Badger Meter industrial turbo flow meter.