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Badger Meter M2000 Feature Kits allow easy upgrades for M2000 flow meters. Available kits include:

  • Firmware update: Installs the latest firmware version
  • Store/Restore feature: Intended to save installation costs and reduce installation time by providing the ability to save meter configuration to a memory token which can be used to protect meter configuration and assure the operator that the meter is properly configured as well as be used with other meters so that each meter in the system has the same configuration. The Store/Restore feature requires firmware version 1.11 or later.
  • Data Logging feature: Records to a memory token totalizer/error events, configuration change events and startup events (power up, power down or reset events). Each type of event is recorded into separate files on the memory token. These files are extracted using the provided Flow Meter Tool software over the RS232 communication link.The Data Logging feature requires firmware version 1.10 or later.