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The Badger Meter FT-1E, PFT-2E and PFT-3E are electronic transmitters with unscaled pulse outputs designed for use with Badger Meter's line of industrial turbo, disc, and oscillating piston flow meters.

These transmitters incorporate magnetoresistive sensors with open collector NPN transistor outputs. They will interface with Badger's PC100 controller as well as other devices that have similar operating characteristics.

This style of electronic transmitter offers improved performance over mechanical transmitters by elimination of mechanical coupling to the meter in addition to providing the higher reliability and resolution of solid-state components.

The FT-1E is for use with Badger Meter OP flow meters; the PFT-2E with Badger Meter Disc flow meters; and the PFT-4E with Badger Meter Industrial Turbo flow meters.