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  • Temperature Sensor Input:
    • 10 kΩ thermistor, 2 wire, type II (2 required)
  • Flow Input Frequency: 0-10kHz
  • Pulse width programmable from 50mS to 5S
    • 50mS increments
  • Pulse frequency: Max of 10Hz @ 50mS pulse width
  • Opto-isolated solid state switch
  • Measures energy rate and total
  • Measures flow rate and total
  • Easily mounts on panels, DIN rails or enclosures
  • Power supply:
    • 12-24 VAC
    • 12-24 VDC


The Badger Meter model 340 energy transmitter is an economical, compact device for sub-metering applications. The 340 calculates thermal energy by measuring liquid flow in closed pipe systems and measuring temperature at inlet and outlet points. The 340 requires two 10 kW thermistors for temperature input. The flow input may be provided by any Badger Meter flow sensor and many other pulse or sine wave signal flow sensors.

With an onboard micro-controller and digital circuitry, the 340 transmitters make precise measurements and produces accurate drift-free outputs. The 340 is programmed easily via Windows based software. Calibration information for the flow sensor, units of measurement and output scaling may be downloaded prior to installation or in the field. While the Badger transmitter is connected to a PC or laptop computer, real-time flow rate, flow total, both temperature readings, energy rate and energy total are available.

The 340 features two LED's to verify input and output signals. The standard output for the transmitter is an isolated solid state switch closure that is user programmed for units of energy. The output pulse width is adjustable from 50 mS to 5 Sec.

The Badger Meter model 340 energy transmitter operates on AC or DC power supplies ranging from 12 to 24 volts. The compact cast epoxy body measures 3.65"(93mm) x 2.95"(75mm) and can be easily mounted on panels, DIN rails or enclosures.