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  • 100 µs/3.5 ms min pulse (high/low speed)
  • 1 pulse and 2 temperature sensor inputs
  • 2 form C relay outputs
  • 6 programmable digital inputs/outputs
  • 0.3 to 10 kHz flow input
  • 0 to 30V digital input
  • ±0.01% uncertainty for flow calculations
  • EIA-485(RS-485), Modbus, BACnet, and USB
  • 128 × 64 pixel LCD display
  • Low voltage AC/DC power


The Badger Meter FC-5000 BTU Monitor provides accurate measurement of power/energy consumption used in closed-loop, hydronic thermal transfer systems, typically found in HVAC sub-metering applications. The FC-5000 products are microprocessor-driven devices designed for flow monitoring, while the BTU Monitor expands device capabilities by integrating inputs for fluid temperature data. Instantaneous rate and total energy consumption is achieved, simultaneously, while conforming to EN 1434 calculation standards.

Input signal, in the form of sine waves or pulses from open collector transistors or dry contact closures, can be scaled to any unit of measure for totalization and instantaneous rate-of-flow indication. Energy rate and flow totals are examples of parameters that can be viewed on the panel display or through communications protocols such as BACnet or Modbus. Two temperature sensor inputs can be configured to read RTDs or thermistors and are fully customizable to adapt to application needs. When used in conjunction with fluid flow, hydronic energy rates and total usage are achieved.

Additionally, dedicated analog or frequency output channels provide scaled outputs that are assignable to parameters such as energy rate, total and temperature. A user defined damping function can be applied for improved stability of the flow readings.