Emerson Industrial Automation & Control has acquired GE Automation & Controls Intelligent Platforms business. Products include industry leading automation and control products, HMI interfaces, and industrial internet solutions for industries ranging from utilities to heavy manufacturing. Emerson is committed to protecting the legacy GE Automation developed components while investing heavily in the future automation solutions. read more

All literature and product labeling is transitioning to the Emerson brand throughout 2019. Increased investments in innovative cloud-connected controllers and edge devices enable smarter machines and greater productivity. Emerson Machine Automation Solutions hardware and software can connect equipment, data, and people to insights and actions generated through analytics.

Emerson PACSystem controllers and HMIs can be offered as components to your preferred integrator or as a complete pre-configured solution from Instrumart.

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Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are industrial control systems that continuously monitor input measurements such as temperature, pressure, level, or flow and use that information to control the state of output devices based upon a custom logic program. The ability of PLCs to collect vital information and to change the process based on this information makes them ideal for almost any production line or process that requires high-reliability control, ease of programming, and process fault diagnosis.



A Human-Machine Interface (HMI) is a user display, screen, or dashboard that connects a person to a machine, system, or device. Visually display data, track production time and trends, oversee key performance indicators, automate processes, and monitor machine inputs and outputs for virtually any machine processes.

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Emerson RX3i PLC
PACSystems PLC for rack based programmable logic and automation control
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Emerson RX3i CPL410 Open Source Edge Controller
PACSystems RX3i standalone PLC with open source Linux technology
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Emerson RX3i CPE400 PLC
PACSystems RX3i standalone PLC with embedded field agent technology
Emerson QuickPanel+ HMI
Color TFT LCD touchscreen operator interface for the industrial internet that also performs programmable logic controls
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Emerson Rx3i l/O Modules
Discrete input/output, relay output, analog input/output, mixed analog, temperature control modules available
In Stock
Emerson CPE100 / CPE115 PLC
PACSystems RSTi-EP PLC for standalone programmable logic and automation control
In Stock
Emerson RSTi-EP I/O Modules
Digital input, digital output, analog input, analog output, and safe feed-input active modules
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Emerson VersaMax PLC
Modular PLC for standalone control applications with scalable architecture
In Stock
Emerson Rx3i Power Supply Modules
Snap in attachment, works with any model PLC, auto-ranging, 120/240 VAC or 24VDC
In Stock
Emerson Rx3i Network Modules
PROFINET Controller, Ethernet EGD, PROFIBUS-DP, and DeviceNet options available
In Stock
Emerson Rx3i Base Plates
Universal backplane, 7, 12 or 16 universal slots
In Stock
Emerson CIMPLICITY 10 High Performance HMI/SCADA Software
Enabling real-time monitoring, data analysis and plant floor control from within a web browser
Emerson VersaMax I/O Modules
I/O modules that offer seamless integration with the PACSystems control family, for reliable, high performance solutions
In Stock
Emerson VersaMax Micro 20 Controllers
Expandable to 132 I/O points, serial expansion ports come with two analog input channels
In Stock
Emerson PACMotion Variable Frequency Drive
Modular variable frequency drive, power ranges from 1 to 350 HP (0.75 to 250 kW), Profinet Enabled
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Emerson RXi Panel PC
High-performance processor with Windows 10
Emerson Mini Field Agent IIoT Device
Data can be securely gathered from industrial machinery or plants and transferred to the cloud
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Emerson PAC8000 I/O Modules
SafetyNet IO Modules are certified for use in safety-related applications up to and including SIL 2
Emerson RSTi Slice I/O Modules
Digital input, digital output, analog input and analog output modules
Emerson VersaMax Micro 14 Controllers
Customizable logic controller with up to 14 I/O built-in (expandable to 126 I/O) points.
In Stock
Emerson PAC8000 Network Interface Modules
Modules include PROFINET, PROFIBUS DP, Modbus and Ethernet
Emerson RXi2-UP Industrial PC
7th Generation Intel Core, i3, i5, i7 and Xeon CPUs
Emerson VersaMax Expansion Remote Modules
Extend a VersaMax PLC or I/O station to include up to seven additional groups of up to eight modules each
In Stock
Emerson RXi-EP Box IPC
Compact, rugged, high performance computing capabilities to run HMI, historian, and analytics applications
Emerson VersaMax Micro 64 Controllers
Expandable to 176 I/O points, 24 VDC or 120/240 VAC supply voltage
In Stock
Emerson VersaMax Power Supplies
Snap onto any VersaMax PLC or Network Interface Unit or onto a power supply booster carrier
In Stock
Emerson RSTi-EP Function Modules
Specialty module options for digital pulse width modulation, high-speed counter, frequency, SSI encoder, and serial communications
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Emerson RXi Industrial Monitor
MST Daisy Chaining capability, Windows 10
Emerson RXi2-EP Industrial PC
Up to 16GB of ECC RAM, 5 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, and industrial grade high-speed HDD storage
Emerson  RXi2-XP Industrial PC
Up to 32GB of ECC RAM, 5 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, and industrial grade high-speed HDD storage
Emerson VersaMax Micro 40 Controllers
Expandable to 152 I/O points, Supports up to 4 analog expansion units, 24K logic memory
In Stock
Emerson VersaMax I/O Carriers
VersaMax I/O Carriers, box, barrier or spring clamp connections, compact models available
In Stock
Emerson VersaMax Micro Communication Module
Modular by design and enables the user to select a wide range of communications options
Emerson Rx3i Motion Control Modules
Motion control (high speed counting) for a wide range of applications
In Stock
Emerson VersaMax Network Interface Modules
Allows the VersaMax PLC to operate as a master or slave on a network
In Stock
Emerson Rx3i Expansion Modules
Expansion options for local and remote I/O to optimize configurations
In Stock
Emerson RSTi-EP Power Modules
Passive modules for potential distribution (functional earth, ground, or 24VDC) or power-feed (10A)
In Stock
Emerson Rx3i Serial Communications
Two or four port serial module
In Stock
Emerson PACSystems Industrial Ethernet Switches
Designed to perform in harsh environments, fast network recovery technology
Emerson PAC8000 I/O Module Carriers
Designed for 2/2 modules and are for either 32 or 64 module addressing
Emerson RSTi Slice Network Interface
Communication gateway with PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherCAT, or Modbus protocol
Emerson VersaMax Micro 23 PLC
23 discrete I/O and two analog input and one analog output built-in, expandable to 135 I/O points
Emerson RXi Web Panel
Minimalist processor, able to be used with multiple operating systems to connect to any HMI
Emerson RXi2-LP Industrial PC
Up to 8GB DDR3 RAM, 4 USB & 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports
Emerson RSTi Slice I/O & Network Interface
built-in I/O to reduce cost and footprint, The network interfaces can be expanded and support all of the RSTi I/O types.
Emerson VersaMax Micro 28 PLC
Built-in 28 points to fast cycle times, two built-in serial points, robust instruction set, expandable to 140 I/O points
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In Stock
Emerson Equipment Insight Asset Base System
Comprehensive monitoring and analysis solution that leverages data from your distributed industrial equipment and turns it into actionable insights
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Emerson Industrial Ethernet Switches
Ethernet switches designed for plant process areas that work in harsh environments subject to temperature extremes, humidity, and vibration
Emerson VersaMotion Servo Amplifier
Support simple stand-alone positioning capability using up to 8 stored motion profiles or can be connected to any motion controller using an analog or pulse command interface
Emerson VersaSafe I/O Modules
Provides compact flexibility and allows users to install just the right amount of I/O needed for each application.
Emerson VersaMax Serial Communications
Provides a Modbus Master port for a Genius NIU remote I/O drop, can be used to interface with a wide range of Modbus slave devices
Emerson VersaSafe Starter Kit
PROFINET Distributed Safety Evaluation Kit
Emerson PAC8000 Railbus Isolator Carrier
Together with the 8922-RB-IS Railbus Isolator, to isolate the 2/2 modules from the 2/1 modules
Emerson VersaSafe Safety Bridge
8PT, safe output 24 VDC, safety logic module, designed for surge voltage category II
Emerson VersaMax MicroMotion Expansion Module
Ideal for Micro integrated motion control or standalone motion control over serial or Ethernet networking
Emerson RSTi Slice Function Modules
Serial comminications, high speed counter and motion control modules available
Emerson RSTi-EP Base Connector
Replacement module piece that holds the module electronics and attaches to the DIN rail as well as other modules
In Stock
Emerson RSTi Slice Power Modules
Reduce wiring and simplify installation, multiple voltages to be supported,
Emerson PAC Machine Edition Software
Integrated development system interface for programming, configuration, commissioning, monitoring, and maintenance
Emerson RSTi-EP Network Adapter
Communication gateway with PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherCAT, or Modbus protocol that is the base & power for up to 64 active modules
In Stock
Emerson IC695ACC302 Smart Battery Module
Auxiliary smart battery module provides extended volatile memory backup time
In Stock
Emerson IC693CBL316 RS-232 Cable
RS-232 cable for RX3i CPE305 programming port and also the Station Manager Cable for the Ethernet ETM001
Emerson VersaMax Micro Expansion Modules
Discrete and analog expansion modules available for the VersaMax Micro Series
In Stock
Emerson RSTi-EP HD Connectors
4-signal high-density I/O connectors (8 plugs per package)
In Stock
Emerson IC695SPF002 Transceiver Module
RX3i Multimode, 100Base-FX (fiber 2km) Small Form Pluggable Transceiver Module
In Stock
Emerson iFIX 6.0 Software
Deliver faster time to insight and greater efficiency for your operations while speeding time-to-insight for system integrators
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Emerson IC695ACC400 Energy Pack
CPE305 and CPE310 CPU Battery-less Energy Pack for backing up dynamic data
Emerson PACSystems Rx3i Expansion Bases
Expansion bases are available in 5 and 10 slot versions to maximize flexibility
In Stock
Emerson IC690ACC001 Real Time Clock Battery
Real Time Clock Battery for CPE305 and CPE310
In Stock
Emerson IC694TBC032 Terminal Block
High Density 32 Point Terminal Block with a 40 pin Fujitsu connector
Emerson 8751-CA-NS ELFD Controller Carrier
Mounting platform for up to two SafetyNet Controllers (8851-LC-MT)
Emerson QuickPanel+ Battery
Replacement battery pack that powers the SRAM memory backup utility to protect data during a power failure
Emerson Terminal Box Style
High density 32 point terminal box, block or spring style
In Stock
Emerson RSTi-EP DIN Rail Termination Kit
Replacement end brackets and end plate to protect the contacts of the last module and secure station
Emerson PAC8000 BIM Carriers
Each Bus Interface Module must be mounted on an appropriate BIM Carrier
Emerson RSTi-EP Label Marker
Attaches via swivel connector to the frame of the module creating space to label channels and lines in detail
Emerson Ethernet to Serial Network Module
Ethernet to Serial Network Module, 10/100Mbits port supporting RJ45 connection
Emerson IC690ACC901 Mini Converter Kit
Mini-Converter Kit with cable (RS-485/RS-232)
Emerson IC693ACC302 Battery Pack
External High capacity battery pack. (1.3 years of continuous battery backup)
Emerson QuickPanel+ Accessory Kit
Replacement power & serial port connectors as well as mounting clips
Emerson IC693ACC307 Terminator Plug
I/O Bus Terminator Plug
Emerson RX3i Cold Junction Compensation Kit
Contains 2 CJCs for universal analog and thermocouple input modules
In Stock
Emerson IC690ACC903 RS-485 Port Isolator
Emerson IC693ACC311 I/O Terminal Blocks
Series 90-30 style IC693 I/O modules Terminal Blocks, 20 terminals (qty 6)
Emerson VersaMax Power Supply Booster Carrier
VersaMax power supply booster carrier, supplies power to all modules to the right of booster. Requires power supply
In Stock
Emerson IC694ACC311 Terminal Block
Terminal blocks, 20 terminals (qty 6) for IC694xxx low density modules
Emerson ICMFAACC002 Power Supply
24V DC 1A power supply with pre-wired connector for Mini Field Agent
Emerson ICMFAACC001 Panel Mount Kit
Mini Field Agent Panel Mount Kit
Emerson RSTi-EP Empty Slot Module
Passive module that bridges all contacts 1:1 to serve as a placeholder in your station
Emerson IC698ACC701 Lithium Battery Pack
Lithium Battery pack that installs in CPU for CPU310 and CMU310 only (28 days of continuous battery backup)
Emerson QuickPanel+ Serial Cable
12ft cable with choice of connectors for linking a QP+ HMI to serial based systems
In Stock
Emerson PAC8000 Carrier Extender
Ensures Railbus and power supply continuity, pairs (left & right hand) link separate carrier runs
Emerson IC695ACC402 Energy Pack for RX3I Controller
This power source preserves memory in the controller during power fluctuations or outages
Emerson IC690CRG001 Battery Charger
Battery charger, compatible with rechargeable battery (IC690RBT001)
Emerson PAC8000 Carrier Extender Cables
Railbus data extender cables, 0.35, 0.85 and 1.2m lengths available, sub-D cable connectors
Emerson QuickPanel+ Screen Protectors
Package of 3 replacements to keep your screen scratch free
Emerson Local Communications Carrier
VersaMax I/O, Local Communications Carrier
Emerson PAC8000 Railbus Isolator
Required when using any 2/1 modules in a node, mounts on its dedicated Railbus Isolator Carrier 8725-CA-RB
Emerson QuickPanel+ Replacement Gasket
Seal between the panel and the display that prevents dust and moisture from getting behind the unit
Emerson One Year Service Contract
One Year Service Contract for Mini Field Agent
Emerson QuickPanel+ 7-Inch Adapter Kit
Panel conversion kit to switch from an 8-inch QP View/Control to a 7-inch QP+
Emerson ICMFADATA1GB Monthly cellular plan
Monthly cellular plan for Mini Field Agent with GE provided SIM