• Models available:
    • Isolated receivers
    • Non-isolated receivers
    • Bus transmitter expansion module
    • I/O PROFINET Network Interface Unit
    • Bus Transmitter Expansion Module (Fiber Media)
    • I/O DeviceNet Network Interface Unit
    • Remote I/O Ethernet Network Interface
    • Genius Network Interface Unit
    • Remote I/O PROFIBUS-DP Network Interface


The Emerson VersaMax Expansion Remote Modules can be used to extend a VersaMax PLC or I/O station to include up to seven additional groups of up to eight modules each, providing the architectural flexibility to accommodate larger applications. A Remote I/O Unit connects VersaMax I/O modules to a host PLC or computer via a variety of networks. This makes it easy to include VersaMax I/O in the innovative PROFINET interface, as well as Genius, PROFIBUS-DP, DeviceNet, or other Ethernet installations. Together, the remote I/O unit and its modules form an I/O station capable of providing up to 256 points of I/O.

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