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  • IC695LRE001 Expansion Module:
    • High Speed Serial Expansion Module
    • 1 Mbaud data rate
    • Up to 700 feet (213 meters) network distance
  • IC695NKT001 Ethernet Remote I/O Expansion Kit:
    • Includes a NIU001 with two built-in serial ports and ETM001
    • Ethernet Communications module type
    • 10/100Mbit ports (RJ-45) network data rate


The Emerson Rx3i Expansion Modules are local and remote I/O to optimize configurations. The RX3i can be expanded up to 8 expansion bases using local remote expansion module. The RX3i also supports Ethernet remote I/O using the RX3i Ethernet Network Interface module (IC695NKT001) Series 90-30 Ethernet Network Interface module (IC693NIU004) for more distributed I/O.

The IC695NKT001 Ethernet Remote I/O Expansion Kit includes a NIU001 with two built-in serial ports and ETM001. It requires three module slots (2 for NIU and 1 for Ethernet module). Built-in communications includes a RJ-45 with built-in switch. 1 RS-485 port and one RS-232 port. Supports SNP, Serial I/O, Modbus Slave and Modbus Master

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