• Industrial ethernet, M12, d-coded interface type
  • Communication protocols:
    • Modbus TCP
    • OPCUA
    • MQTT
  • Port configuration options:
    • 8 IO-Link and 8 digital inputs
    • 16 digital inputs
    • 8 digital Inputs and 8 digital outputs with short circuit protection


The Emerson PACSystems RSTi-OM IP67 IO link module provides communication with the intelligent sensors and devices that your operations rely on. RSTi-OM modules are IP67 so they are protected from water, dust, and other extreme conditions and allows you to place advanced IO where you need it and directly connect sensors and actuators closer to the point of use.

The RSTi-OM is designed for low density, single location applications like assembly lines and bottling applications and provides powerful on-machine IO control with comprehensive connectivity options. This gives you the opportunity to modernize your systems communications for an improved and more flexible system.

The RSTi-OM is designed with flexible hardware and intuitive configuration software allow you to grow and adjust your operations as you demands change. Using the PAC Machine Edition (PME) software, you can program RSTi-OM IO with the same tool as all PACSystems CPUs.