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  • Drives covering 1,100 to 16,000W
  • Built on open EtherCAT communications
  • Safe Torque Off (STO)
  • Designed for PACMotion Servo motors
  • Synchronized clocks with the motion controller
  • Can support 3rd part motors


The Emerson PACMotion Servo Drives are compact and powerful drives, perfect for driving synchronous servomotors with closed-loop control of torque, speed, and position. The Servo Drives cover 1,100W to 16,000W of output current ratings and are built with EtherCAT communications. They are designed for the PACMotion Servo Motors, but can also support 3rd party motors.

PACMotion is tightly integrated with Emerson PACSystems RX3i and PAC Machine Edition engineering tool. With motion, HMI, PLC, and machine logic events integrated into the same view, PACMotion streamlines synchronization for simple setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Standard motion blocks make it easy to assemble applications and operators can even dynamically change motion profiles. This gives you the ability to manage smaller lot sizes and rapid changeovers for increased machine utilization.