Emerson VersaMax Micro 40 Controllers
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  • Expandable to 152 I/O points
  • Fast cycle times
  • RS-232 port, RS-485, USB, or Ethernet communications
  • Two analog input channels
  • 24K logic memory
  • Long term durability

The Emerson Micro 40 Controllers has many features including expandable to 152 I/O points to fast cycle times, robust instruction set, and generous memory to allow more flexible programming. The optional second port provides you with the option of an additional RS-232 port, RS-485, USB, or Ethernet. The serial expansion ports come with two analog input channels. A user-friendly memory module is available to easily download changes to the controller without the need of a PC. And it's all packaged in a sturdy modular design for easy access and long-term durability. This all-in-one PLC gives you everything you need to control a wide variety of applications.

Emerson VersaMax Micro Expansion Modules
Discrete and analog expansion modules available for the VersaMax Micro Series
In Stock
Emerson Ethernet to Serial Network Module
Ethernet to Serial Network Module, 10/100Mbits port supporting RJ45 connection
Emerson VersaMax Micro Communication Module
Modular by design and enables the user to select a wide range of communications options
In Stock
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24 VDC in, relay out 2.0 amps, 24 VDC powered (+$18.00)
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24 VDC in, 24 VDC sink out, 24 VDC powered (+$18.00)
$564.00 2

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