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  • Standalone or expandable
  • Up to 8 additional I/O modules for expandable model
  • 26 safety inputs
  • 8 convertible inputs
  • Two pairs of PNP safety outputs
  • Removable screw terminals
  • Optional LCD display


The Emerson PACSafe configurable safety controllers are designed for machine automation applications requiring integrated SIL3 machine safety with multiple coordinated safety sensors for a variety of industries like packaging, food and beverage, life sciences, and manufacturing. The PACSafe configurable safety controllers easily scale from small to complex machines and provide an intuitive graphical-based interface for configuration and programming, easy integration to Emerson's PACSystems and VersaMax controllers over Industrial Ethernet, and fast, safe state reaction times. These qualities result in reduced development and commissioning times and smaller overall machine sizes.

The PACSafe controllers feature intuitive, icon-based programming, drag-and-drop configuration, and integrated online help. An extensive library of TÜV-certified SIL3 function blocks allows for the quick integration of e-stops, interlock gates, optical sensors, two-hand controls, safety mats and many more safety devices. Built-in system simulation tools, online monitoring and live diagnostics capabilities create a user-friendly commissioning and troubleshooting process.

PACSafe configurable safety controller development tools are integrated and delivered within Emerson's PAC Machine Edition (PME) development suite. Built-in Ethernet with support for PROFINET and Modbus/TCP protocols and new standard PLC integration function blocks allow for seamless monitoring and integration with the rest of the Emerson industrial controls portfolio. This ensures easy integration of machine safety into new designs or existing PACSystems or VersaMax architectures.

With models of 10 and 26 integrated safety inputs and optional expansion safety I/O modules, PACSafe users have the flexibility to scale their solutions to as many as 154 safety I/O points. Six different types of expansion I/O modules provide a variety of safety functions including safety inputs, solid-state safety outputs and safety relay outputs. All these modules allow safety inputs to be converted to status outputs for added application flexibility. The available 80 configurable virtual non-safe inputs and 256 configurable virtual non-safe status outputs allow users to easily keep an entire control solution coordinated.