• Freescale i.MX535 1GHz CPU (ARM Cortex A8)
  • 512MB or 1GB DRAM memory (depends on display)
  • SD/SDHC non-volatile storage
  • Plug-and-play connectivity with GE and third-party I/O
  • HTML5 browser & multimedia support
    • Windows EC7 operating system
  • Email and text alerts based on user-defined settings
  • Object-based programming functionality
  • 32 to 131°F (0 to 50°C) operating temp
  • 24VDC ±20% (3-pin connector) power requirement
  • UL Class 1 Div 2, Class II Div 2, & Class III Div 1
  • CE & RoHS compliant

What's in the Box

  • Panel mounting brackets


The Emerson QuickPanel+ HMI is more than just a human-machine interface; streamline your system with an OI/HMI, PLC/process controller, machine gateway, and data historian capable device all-in-one. It is made to handle industrial environments and is as easy to use as a smart phone or tablet, with just the swipe or tap of a finger.

It comes in a range of sizes from 6 to 15 inches. The 6-inch model is a resistive single-touch screen, but the 7-inch and above all have multi-touch (2-point) projected capacitive screens for higher resolution and pinch zoom capability.

The ports for the 6- and 7-inch versions include an Ethernet, RS-232 5-pin serial I/O, 2 USBs, a Mini-USB, SD/SDHC card slot, mic in (mono) and line out (stereo) 3.5mm audio jacks, and 3-pin power input. The 10-inch and above versions don't have the mic in audio jack, but do have an extra Ethernet port and add a 5-pin RS-485 connector.

Users can quickly and easily access the internet or their intranet to view training videos, compile reports, or access other critical information. In addition, tools like HTML5 Dashboards, VNC connectivity, and SNMP communication capability help ensure that important data from your application is accessible anywhere, anytime, and on any device.


Required Components

These additional components are required for the operation of your product. We strongly advise you to purchase these components unless you already own them or own a suitable alternative.


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