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  • Plug-in framework
  • WPF/XAML vector graphics
  • HTML5 and Mobile APPs
  • OPC UA and I/O communication driver connectivity
  • High performing Database and Cloud
  • Data recording
  • Trends, recipes and reports
  • Alarm manager


The Emerson Movicon.NExT HMI/SCADA software is the new industrial automation platform that offers the most innovative and flexible software technology for Windows/Linux HMI projects, SCADA supervisory systems, MES and efficiency analysis solutions essential to Industry 4.0.

Movicon.NExT has been designed to guarantee maximum scalability, allowing users to operate in one all-inclusive, flexible and easy-to-use development environment for modular solutions. The scalable architecture can be used to design any project, from small HMIs to more expansive control rooms, providing exceptional cost efficiency and time-saving advantages, along with expanded configuration and deployment possibilities.

The platform’s intuitive configuration environment helps streamline complex project designs, seamlessly integrating native functional modules with third-party solutions for expanded performance capabilities. Core platform features, including configuration, communication, visualization, data recording, analysis, security, and control help deliver superior integration, scalability and interoperability advantages.