• 16-channel potential distribution options
    • Functional earth
    • Ground (0VDC), choice of input or output current
    • 24VDC, choice of input or output current
  • 1-channel power-feed options provide 10A
    • Refresh current path, choice of input or output
  • Easy DIN rail mounting & hot-swap capability
    • Only 0.45in (11.5mm) wide
  • Spring style technology for easy wiring


The Emerson RSTi-EP power modules are available as 16-channel potential distribution or 1-channel power-feed options. Potential distribution options are terminal strips for adding 16 connections of functional earth, ground, or 24VDC for other equipment (e.g. fans, lights, etc.) that you want to run through your RSTi-EP remote I/O system. The power-feed modules add an additional 10A of power to refresh the current path when the demand from the modules is too high, and isolate the power supply.

These modules are passive, meaning no fieldbus communication, so they aren't considered during configuration and you can only install 3 in a row before you need an active module.

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