• 8922-RB-IS
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  • Module addressing: 1 to 32 or 1 to 64
  • Female in male out
  • NOTE: required when using any 2/1 modules in a node
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The Emerson PAC8000 Railbus Isolator is required when using any 2/1 modules in a node. The unit provides galvanic isolation between those modules interfacing to Intrinsic Safe field wiring on the 2/1 side of the isolator and those with conventional wiring on the 2/2 side. The unit mounts on its dedicated Railbus Isolator Carrier 8725-CA-RB.

Note: System Power is not passed from one side of the Railbus Isolator to the other, so System Power on the 2/1 side must be supplied by IS System Power Supplies.

Required Components

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