• Up to 14 I/O built-in (expandable to 126 I/O) points
  • Fast cycle times
  • Robust instruction set
  • Supports up to 4 analog expansion units
  • 126 physical I/O Maximum
  • RJ-45 (RS-232) serial port connector type


The Emerson Micro 14 Controllers have many features including up to 14 I/O built-in (expandable to 126 I/O) points to fast cycle times, robust instruction set, and generous memory to allow more flexible programming. The modular design provides easy access and long term durability. Emerson Micro 14 is an all-in-one programmable controller with integrated inputs and outputs.


Here's how some of our customers use this product...

Caramel Apple Manufacturing

The Background: Our customer is a food processor that makes caramel apples. They want a solution for automating the hopper operation of their manufacturing process.

The Problem: The customer only has a few I/O points to work with so is mostly concerned with a compact and versatile, plug-and-play solution.

The Solution: We recommended the GE Automation & Controls VersaMax Micro 14 controller which provides the small size, plug-and-play readiness and versatility the customer wanted. This ended up working out very well for the customer as they were able to have Instrumart program the PLC and it arrived at their facility ready to install. It is currently running the control the exact way the customer wanted.

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