• ARM Cortex-A53 dual-core 1.2GHz processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • 64GB SSD
  • -20 to 70°C operating temperature range
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • Integral DIN Mounting
  • 24 V Power-In Connector Plug
  • PACEdge, Connext, Movicon available on advanced models


The Emerson Micro Industrial PC 2010 delivers high-efficiency computing performance and graphics capabilities in a compact, durable package. Utilize the IPC 2010 computing platform to execute data collection and aggregation, protocol conversion, and basic analytics applications for real-time control and visualization of operations.

The IPC 2010 features a dual-core for high speed processing, and a fan-less design with no moving parts to reduce dust contamination. Multiple Ethernet ports provide network segregation and security. With 64 GB SSD, the IPC 2010 finds the perfect balance in speed, memory and energy efficiency, with a micro SD expansion slot for additional storage. Additional inbuilt features include a DisplayPort interface for use with external displays, and two USB 2.0 interfaces for keyboards, mouse, storage and external communication adapters. 

PACEdge is an optional software suite upgrade that provides all aspects of edge processing to simplify your IIoT application development, deployment, and administration.  PACEdge includes pre installed applications for visualization and logging.  Most popular PACEdge Applications are Node-RED, Grafana, chronograf, and phpMyAdmin.  

The IPC 2010 also offers the option to include Movicon Connext and Movicon WebHMI. Movicon is a leading modern SCADA and HMI platform with advanced graphics. Movicon IIoT connectivity engine creates the foundation for industrial control and building management systems. The Movicon upgrade includes a Movicon License which provides access to its Automation Driver Pack, Basic Driver Pack, and 2k OPC UA Tags.