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PAC Machine Edition Software Promotion

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  • “Save as Previous Version” capability allows
    programmers to save an existing project within PME 9.8
    as a PME 9.0, 9.5 or 9.7 project
  • Drag-and-drop workspace for developing applications
  • Symbolic variables, no mapping for easy programming
  • Full set of programming languages, including:
    • Ladder logic
    • Function block diagram
    • Structured text
    • C block
  • Toolchest storage for easy reuse of custom work
    • Including logic, scripting, & graphical objects
  • Most customers use the online, computer-based license
    • Offline and hardware key options available
  • Compatible with Emerson, GE Automation and Controls, and GE Fanuc PLCs
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The Emerson PAC Machine Edition (PME) software allows you to work on multiple parts of your automation system simultaneously, without switching between programs. To work with motion controllers, also purchase the Emerson Motion Developer add-on from the accessories list for full integration. Emerson PAC Machine Edition software is compatible with all PLCs from Emerson, GE Automation and Controls, and GE Fanuc.

Use PME software for initial programming and configuration as well as for regular use and upkeep. Commission your system with online development tools like Run Mode Store (RMS) of Logic, Online Test Mode, and Word-for-Word Change of Logic that allows you to fine-tune your application in real-time without stopping the process.

The PME software's "Save as Previous Version" capability allows you to save an existing project in previous programming environments. Enabling this feature means that when using Proficy Machine Edition 9.0, Proficy Machine Edition 9.5 or PACMachine Edition 9.7, you would still be able to access and work on a project modified by PACMachine Edition 9.8.

Data monitoring tools such as Data Watches and Reference View Tables allow you to create custom tables for keeping an eye on your PLC application execution, and diagnostic tools such as On-Line Fault Tables and Forced Variables Report help pinpoint issues with your system for long-term maintenance.

Professional Development Suite

The pro suite supports all the current Emerson platforms and so is the most recommended option (only option for PAC Systems RX3i). It also includes runtime I/O points for using a PC to interface with and control your system without using an HMI or controller rack, as well as the View OPC Driver license for Kepware third-party data communication.

Professional Plus Development Suite

The pro plus suite includes all the benefits of the pro development suite and adds the modular type package (MTP).

Lite Developer Suite

The lite suite only works with the VersaMax, CPE100, and QuickPanel+. It doesn't include the runtime I/O points or the OPC driver.

QuickPanel Control CE Development Software

Only for the QuickPanel+ and doesn't include the runtime I/O points or the OPC driver.