• True RMS AC Voltage and Current measurements
  • 60,000 count display
  • 1000V AC/DC/AC+DC
  • 10A AC/DC/AC+DC
  • VlowZ - low impedance voltage measurement
  • Resistance to 60MΩ
  • Capacitance to 60mF
  • Diode test capable
  • Clamp function for direct current readings
  • Frequency measurement to 600kHz
  • Temperature with optional PT100/PT1000 sensors
  • Audible continuity
  • Min/Max/Avg/Peak with time stamps
  • Hold/Auto-Hold functions
  • Easy to read 2.75 x 2" (70 x 52mm) LCD screen
  • USB Optical Connector with SX-DMM Software
  • IP67 rated
  • 1000V CAT III / 600V CAT IV
  • 3 Year Warranty


The AEMC MTX 3291 is a portable multimeter with digital display allowing direct measurement of most electrical properties. Its innovative, easy-to-use design is based on "1 key, 1 function" simplicity and is compact, rugged, comfortable to grip and leakproof to IP67 standard for use in all environments.

The AEMC MTX 3291 makes True RMS measurements to 1000V AC/DC/AC+DC providing a basic accuracy of ±0.05%. The unit also accurately measures current, resistance, frequency, and capacitance. The MTX 3291 is diode test capable and includes an audible continuity alarm. A clamp function is available for direct current readings and temperature measurements are possible with optional PT100/PT1000 sensors. The MTX 3291 includes a USB Optical Connector with SX-DMM Software.

The AEMC MTX 3291 displays results on a backlight 60,000-count LCD display with 14mm digits. Min/Max/Avg/Peak with time stamps and Hold / Auto-Hold functions are standard. The MTX 3291 is rated to 600V CAT III / 300V CAT IV.


Current Clamps


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