• Small, compact size
  • Measurement ranges of
    • 50mA to 100A (1Ω load)
    • 50mA to 90A (10Ω load)
  • Jaw opening accommodates conductors up to 0.39" diameter
  • Designed for DMMs, loggers, recorders and oscilloscopes
  • 48 to 10,000Hz frequency range
  • 1mA/A from 1Ω to 10Ω output signals
  • Designed to EN61326-1, 300V CAT IV, 600V CAT III safety standard
  • Double Insulation
  • CE Mark


The MN02 is a small, compact AC current probe. Designed to meet the most stringent demands in industry and electrical contracting, they also meet the latest safety and performance standards.

The probe has a measurement range up to 100Arms which makes it a perfect tool for measurement with DMMs and recorders.

The Model MN02 is compatible with any AC ammeter, multimeter, or other current measurement instrument with an input impedance lower than 10Ω. To achieve the stated accuracy, use the probe with an ammeter having an accuracy of 0.75% or better.