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The AEMC MD300 Series AC Current Probes are built for ruggedness, versatility and ease of use. It is designed with a unique hook-shaped jaw that enables the user to "pry" into or "hook" onto cables (will accept 2 x 500kcmil) or even smaller bus bars.

The Model MD301 measures up to 500A. It provides a voltage output proportional to the measured current. This voltage output enables instruments without current ranges to measure, display or log currents on an AC voltage range.

The Model MD305 measures up to 600A. They work as traditional current transformers (with ratio of 100:1) and provide current outputs (mA) for use on DMMs, recorders or instruments with current ranges. They use Hall effect technology and measure to 1000ADC.

The electronics and batteries are self-contained in the handles. The output of AC probes is 1mVdc/Aac.