E+E specializes in the development and production of sensors for measurement of relative humidity, CO2, air velocity, mass flow and humidity calibration systems. E+E Elektronik as a "designated laboratory" is commissioned to provide and further develop the national standard for humidity and air velocity.

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E+E EE741 Inline Flow Meter
Modular, compact, inline flow meter for compressed air and gases, hot film sensor element
E+E EE23 Humidity / Temperature Transmitter
Measures humidity and temp, calculates dew point and frost point, designed for industrial applications up to 356°F (180°C)
E+E EE75 Air / Gas Velocity Transmitter
Hot film sensor, high precision, measures velocities up to 8000ft/min (40m/s), high accuracy, designed for industrial applications
E+E EE071 Humidity / Temperature Probe
Designed for use in demanding OEM applications, Modbus interface, excellent protection against pollution
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E+E EE210 Humidity / Temperature Transmitter
High accuracy measurement of relative humidity and temperature in demanding climate control applications
E+E EE08 Humidity / Temperature Probe
High precision, temp range up to 176°F, 0 to 100% RH range, analog and E2 digital (2-wire) outputs
E+E EE310 Humidity & Temperature Transmitter
Measures relative humidity and temperature then calculates parameters such as dew point, absolute humidity and mixing ratio
E+E EE33 Humidity / Temperature Transmitter
Designed for high humidity and chemical applications, monolithic measurement cell type, pressures up to 1450 psi
E+E EE060 Humidity / Temperature Probe
OEM Humidity and Temperature Probe with voltage output
E+E EE771 / EE772 Inline Flow Meter
Inline flow meter for compressed air and gases, 1/2in (DN15) to 3in (DN80) sizes available
E+E EE650 Air Velocity Transmitter
Hot film sensor technology, ranges up to 4000 ft/min (20 m/s), high resistance to pollution
E+E EE431 Temperature Sensor
Duct / immersion temperature sensor, measuring ranges up to 302°F (150°C), passive or active output
E+E EE300Ex-HT Humidity / Temperature Transmitter
Intrinsically safe applications, designed for measurement in explosion hazard areas, complies with ATEX, IECEx and FM, stainless steel
E+E HUMLOG20 Data Logger
Measurements of humidity, temperature, air pressure and CO2 concentration
E+E EE820 CO2 Transmitter
Dual wavelength non-dispersive infrared technology (NDIR), auto calibration, ranges up to 10000 ppm
E+E EE371 Dew Point / Temperature Transmitter
Monolithic dew point sensor, auto-calibration, measuring range -76 to 140°F, 360° rotatable enclosure
E+E EE160 Humidity / Temperature Transmitter
Designed for HVAC applications, polycarbonate housing, 10 to 95% RH range with RH accuracy at 20°C ±2.5%
E+E EE671 Air Flow Transmitter
Hot film technology, HVAC applications, measuring range up to 4000 ft/min (20 m/s)
E+E EE451 Temperature Sensor
Wall mounted, measuring range up -40 to 158°F, passive or active outputs, ±0.54°F accuracy
E+E Oilport 30 Moisture Content Meter
Measures temp, water activity and calculates water content, data logging, up to 10 sets of oil specific parameters
E+E HUMOR 20 Humidity Calibrator
10 to 95% operating range, Fundamental dual pressure reactor principle, high precision
E+E EE355 OEM Dew Point Transmitter
OEM meter with a measuring range down to -60°C, auto-calibration, Modbus RTU and 4-20mA outputs
E+E EE364 Moisture Content Transmitter
Compact moisture in oil transmitter for inline oil monitoring, measures water activity, temp and water content
E+E EE354 Dew Point Transmitter
Miniature Dew Point Transmitter for measurements up to -20°C Td (-4°F Td), stainless steel design
E+E EE576 Air Velocity Transmitter
Miniature Air Velocity Transmitter, measurements up to 400ft/min, hot film technology
E+E EE061 Humidity / Temperature Probe
4-20 mA output for humidity and a passive temperature output, polycarbonate IP65 housing
E+E EE220 Humidity / Temperature Transmitter
Interchangeable sensing probes, remote sensing probe up to 32.8ft, measuring range 0 to 100% RH / -40 to 176°F
E+E EE660 Air Velocity Transmitter
Hot film technology, accuracy down to 0.15 m/s (30 ft/min) and high insensitivity to pollution
E+E EE245 Wireless Temperature / RH / CO2 Transmitter
Wireless network with up to 500 transmitters, interchangeable sensing probes, remote probes up to 33ft (10m)
E+E EE244 Wireless Temperature / RH / CO2 Transmitter
Modular wireless transmitter for temperature, humidity and CO2, up to 500 transmitters, interchangeable probes
E+E EE10 Temperature Transmitters
Designed for HVAC indoor applications, high accuracy, long term stability, 23 to 131°F temp range
E+E EE471 Temperature Sensor
Temperature sensor with remote probe, temp ranges up to 221°F, ±0.54°F accuracy
E+E EE360 Moisture in Oil Transmitter
Reliable monitoring of lubrication, hydraulic, and insulation oils as well as diesel fuel
E+E EE892 / EE893 CO2 Module
Dual wavelength NDIR CO2 working principle, measuring range up to 10,000ppm, auto-calibration
E+E EE381 Moisture Transmitter
Compact Transmitter for moisture content in oil, ideal for online monitoring of moisture in lubrication or insulation oil
E+E EE33-M Humidity / Temperature Transmitter
Designed for high-end meteorological applications, monolithic RH sensor, high accuracy, condensation prevention
E+E EE046 Condensation Monitor
Condensation / dew point monitor with alarm output, 10 to 100% RH range, 90 ±3% RH switching point
E+E EE800 CO2 / Temperature / RH Transmitter
Accurately measure CO2, temp and RH in HVAC applications, dew point calculation, auto-calibration
E+E EE441 Temperature Sensor
Strap-on sensors designed for round ducts or pipes, passive or active outputs, ±0.54°F accuracy
E+E EE150 Humidity / Temperature Transmitter
Designed for HVAC applications, IP65/NEMA 4 compact enclosure, 10 to 90% RH range, temp range up to 131°F
E+E EE461 Cable Temperature Sensor
Passive temperature measurement, IP65 / NEMA 4 protection class, cable lengths up to 32.8ft (10m)
E+E EE85 CO2 Switch
Duct mount, non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology, measuring range up to 10000 ppm
E+E EE80 CO2 Switch
Non-dispersive infrared technology (NDIR), measuring ranges up to 5000 ppm, auto-calibration
E+E EE040 Humidity / Temperature Transmitter
Compact humidity and temperature transmitter for OEM applications, high accuracy and long term stability
E+E EE872 CO2 / RH / Temp / Pressure Probe
Modular 4 in 1 probe for CO2, humidity, temperature and pressure, dual wavelength NDIR CO2 measuring principle
E+E EE871 CO2 Probe
CO2 probe with Modbus RTU interface, measuring range up to 10,000 ppm, dual wavelength NDIR principle
E+E Omniport 30 Multi Function Monitor
Handheld, continuous and single-point data logging, 23 parameters, capacitive TFT touch-screen
E+E HA010201 Mounting Flange
Stainless steel mounting flange 12mm
E+E HA010502 Radiation Shield
Radiation shield with clamping ring
E+E HA011013 Modbus USB Converter
USB-RS485 converter
E+E EE07 Sensor Probes
Interchangeable Humidity / Temperature Probes for OEM Applications
E+E EE242 Wireless Base Station
Base station for up to 500 wireless transmitters, ethernet interface, 4-line display
E+E HA050102 Sampling Cell
Sampling cell with quick connector
E+E HA010707 Female Connector
4-pole, self assembly M12x1
E+E HA010103 Stainless Steel Sintered Filter
Stainless steel sintered filter
E+E EE03 OEM Humidity / Temperature Module
OEM applications, digital two wire output, interchangeable plug-in design, traceable calibration
E+E HA01032 Connection Cables
M12x1 8pin connection cable, socket/flying leads, 1.5m, 5m or 10m lengths available
E+E HA050105 Basic Sampling Cell NPT Threads
Basic sampling cell NPT threads
E+E EE741 Mounting Block
Required mounting block for the EE741 Inline Flow Meter, BSP or NPT thread options
E+E HA010209 Duct Mounting Kit
Duct mounting kit for the EE220 Series
E+E M12x1 5pin connection cable
M12x1 5pin connection cable socket/flying leads 1.5m, 5m and 10m lengths available
E+E HA011005 Configuration Cable
E2 to RS232 cable for the EE08 Series
E+E HA010704 M12 Female Cable Connector
M12 female cable connector assembly possible
E+E HA010304 Interface Cable for PCB
Interface Cable for PCB
E+E HA050103 Sampling Cell ISO
Basic sampling cell ISO
E+E HA010202 Plastic Mounting Flange
Plastic mounting flange 12mm; RAL7035
E+E HA010705 M12x1 Flange Coupling
With 2 inch (50mm) flying leads
E+E EE210P Remote Probe
Remote probe for the EE210 Humidity and Temperature Transmitter
E+E HA010508 Radiation Shield
Radiation shield LAM 630 incl. controller
E+E HA010813 Probe Cable
6.5ft (2m) probe cable for the Omniport 30
E+E HA010114 PTFE Stainless Steel Filter
PTFE stainless steel filter
E+E HA011012 USB-RS485 Converter
USB-RS485 converter
E+E HA010781 Protection Cap
Protection cap for M12 female cable connector
E+E HA010506 Radiation Shield
Radiation shield for T-probe
E+E EE04 Connection Cable
EE04 connection cable available in 6.5ft (2m) or 13.1ft (4m)
E+E HA010203 Bracket for Rail Installation
Bracket for installation onto mounting rails, 2 pieces necessary per device
E+E HA011101 Adapter
Adapter M16x1,5 to 1/2" NPT
E+E HA030204 T-Coupler M12
E+E HA010503 Drip Water Protection
Drip water protection
E+E EE07 Probe Cable
Probe cable for the EE07 senor probes, 2, 5 and 10 meter lengths available
E+E HA0111 Screw Connectors
Pressure tight screw connections, ISO or NPT, 12mm or 6mm
E+E HA010109 Metal Grid Filter
Metal grid filter up to 180°C for 12 mm probe
E+E HA010330 Antenna Cable
Antenna cable, 6.5ft (2m)
E+E HA075015 BSP DN15 Mounting Valve
DN15, mounting valve BSP thread
E+E D08 Display and Metal Cover
Display and metal cover for the EE371 and EE381
Plugable or remote probes, RH / temperature, air velocity and CO2 probes available
E+E HA076015 O2 Measurement Valve
Measurement valve for O2, BSP thread, for DN15
E+E HA010206 Mounting Set
Mounting set (plate, screws, dowel)
E+E Mounting Flange for EE431
Clamp ring, special seal
E+E HA010782 Protective Cap
Protective cap for M12 male connector
E+E EE03 Connection Cable
Connection cable, 6.56ft (2m) or 16.4ft (5m) lengths available
E+E M12 Female Socket
M12 female socket with wires
E+E HA010208 Mounting Flange
Stainless steel mounting flange 5mm
E+E HA040907 Protective Cover
E+E HA010814 5m Cable Probe
E+E HA010207 Mounting Flange
Stainless steel mounting flange 8mm
E+E HA010311 Interface Cable
Interface cable for plug option C06
E+E EE23 Display and Cover
Choice of polycarbonate (D03P) or metal (D03M)
E+E DN50 Measurement Valve
BSP or NPT thread for DN50
E+E HA010226 Mounting Flange
Stainless steel mounting flange for the EE872
E+E Electronik Immersion Well for EE431
Threaded R 1/2in ISO & 1/2in NPT
E+E HA010227 Wall Mounting Clip
Plastic wall mounting clip for the EE872
E+E HA010333 Crossover Cable
Crossover cable (PC to base station)
E+E HA010113 Metal Grid Filter
Metal grid filter for the EE08 Series
E+E EE771 / EE772 Probe Cable
Probe cable the EE771 / EE772 flow meters, 6.56ft, 16.5ft and 32.8ft lengths available
E+E HA010213 Mounting Kit
Mounting kit for masts with Ø 34 to 54mm
E+E HA010785 Calibration Adapter
Calibration adapter / protection camp for the EE872
E+E V03 Power Supply
Power supply
E+E EE872 Spare Sensing Module
Spare Sensing Module for the EE872
E+E Ball Valve Set
Choice of 1/2in NPT or G1/2in ISO ball valve for Oilport 30, EE35, EE36, or EE360 series probes
E+E DN20 Measurement Valve
BSP or NPT thread for DN20
E+E D07M / D07P Display
Display for EE220 Series, comes with PC or metal cover
E+E DN32 Measurement Valve
DN32, mounting valve BSP thread
E+E DN40 Measurement Valve
BSP or NPT thread for DN40
E+E DN20 O2 Measurement Valve
O2 measurement valve, NPT or BSP thread, DN20
E+E DN25 O2 Measurement Valve
O2 measurement valve, NPT or BSP thread, DN25
E+E DN40 Gauge Mounting Block
BSP for DN40, gauge mounting block, hot swap option
E+E DN50 Gauge Mounting Block
BSP for DN50, gauge mounting block, hot swap valve option
E+E DN65 Gauge Mounting Block
BSP thread, DN65 gauge mounting block, hot swap valve option
E+E DN65 Gauge Mounting Block
BSP thread, DN80 gauge mounting block, hot swap valve option