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  • Measure 0 to 1aw (completely dry to fully saturated)
    • ±(0.015 + 1.5%*mv)aw accuracy
  • Calculate water content from 0 to 100,000ppm
  • -40 to 356°F (-40 to 180°C) Pt1000 temperature sensor
  • Pressure tight probe up to 290 psi (20 bar)
  • Optional TFT color display with push buttons
    • Integrated data logging for 20,000 values
  • Modbus RTU & Ethernet interface options
  • Easy field adjustment and configuration
    • Via display or free EE-PCS software download
  • Rugged polycarbonate IP65 enclosure


The E+E EE360 moisture in oil transmitter offers highly accurate measurement of water activity and temperature; it uses those values to calculate the absolute water content. This calculation is oil dependent and requires a set of oil specific parameters, please contact us to discuss your application.

Water activity is the relative measure of moisture in oil. It represents the ratio between the actual amount of dissolved water and the maximum possible amount of dissolved water in the oil at a certain temperature. Independently of the oil type, the water activity shows how close to saturation the oil is at a certain temperature.

Water content is an absolute measure that is equal to the share of water (dissolved, emulsified or separate) in the oil. The water content is measured in parts per million and is independent from the oil temperature, but the temperature is required to assess how far the oil is from saturation.

The probe comes as either ISO or NPT slide fitting for variable immersion depth. With the addition of the optional ball valve accessory you can change the probe without interrupting the process. Probe installation or exchange can be made even easier by opting for the pluggable probe modification for simple push-pull plug attachment to the transmitter.