Setra 264 Pressure Transducer
Very low differential pressure transducer for building energy management
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Setra 209 Pressure Transducers
High-accuracy pressure transducer built for harsh environments
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Setra 267 Pressure Transducer
Very low differential pressure transducer
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Setra SRPM Room Pressure Monitor
Designed for critical low differential pressure applications that require stringent pressure monitoring and alarming
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Setra AccuSense ASM Pressure Transducer
Accurate, reliable pressure transducer for high performance industrial and laboratory applications
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Setra 265 Pressure Transducer
Versatile, cost effective low pressure transducer designed for use with building energy management systems
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Setra 206 Pressure Transducer
Industrial pressure transducer for use in harsh environments, gauge or compound pressure, max range from 25 to 10,000 PSI
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Setra 370 Digital Pressure Gauge
6-digit LCD, numeric keypad, unit conversion, hi/lo alarms
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Setra 3100 & 3200 Pressure Transducer
Thin-film sensor provides high performance and stability for large volume installs
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Setra 230 Pressure Transducer
Wet-to-Wet, low differential pressure transducer for liquids and gasses
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Setra Model 239 Pressure Transducer
High accuracy, low range pressure transducer
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Setra 278 Barometric Pressure Transducer
0.1 mb/yr stability, high accuracy, < 100mSec response time, low power consumption
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Setra 276 Barometric Pressure Transducer
SETRACERAM Sensor, 0.25% FS accuracy, barometric or absolute pressure
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Setra SRCM Room Condition Monitor
Provides room condition, room identification, security, calibration, and room pressure status all in one unit
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Setra 231 Pressure Transducer
Wet-to-wet, differential, multi-configurable pressure transducer
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Setra 256 Pressure Transducer
Aluminum enclosure specifically designed for weatherproof service, available in a variety of gauge pressure ranges and corrosive fluid compatible
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Setra 290 Sanitary Pressure Transducer
The Setra Model 290 meets 3A Sanitary Standards
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Setra 204 Pressure Transducer
High Accuracy Pressure Transducer
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Setra Power Patrol Power Meter
Advanced, networked 3-phase power meter
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Setra 270 Pressure Transducer
SETRACERAM™ sensor, ±0.05% FS accuracy, barometric, gauge or absolute pressure, non-condensing air or gas
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Setra GCT-225 Pressure Transducers
Low-cavity volume eliminates particle entrapment for ultra high-purity applications
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Setra 205-2 Pressure Transducer
Pressure transducer for corrosive Liquids or Gases with 0.11% FS Accuracy
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Setra 269 Differential Pressure Transducer
Unidirectional range: 0 to 0.1 to 0 to 10.0 WC, bidirectional range: ±0.05 to ±5.0 WC
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Setra 470 Digital Barometric / Medium Pressure Transducer
High performance featuring min/max tracking, hi/lo alarms, non-linear functions, calibration
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Setra SRH Humidity Transmitter
Wall mount, duct mount, and outside air humidity transmitters
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Setra MRMS Multi-Room Monitoring Station
Remotely Monitor up to 8 Rooms, auto discover, audible and visual alarms
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Setra Model 526 Pressure Transducer
General purpose/submersible pressure transducer, gauge, absolute, and compound pressure
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Setra 231RS Pressure Transducer
Wet-to-wet, differential, multi-configurable, reduces labor, materials, and time.
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Setra 31CS / 32CS Pressure Transducer
Standard & heavy duty intrinsically safe CSA rated pressure transducers
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Setra 522 Industrial OEM Pressure Transducers
Designed for OEM industrial applications that require exceptional stability and high accuracy
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Setra 224 Flow-Through Pressure Transducers
Ultra high purity flow-through specialty gas pressure transducers, gauge, compound and absolute PSI and Bar ranges
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Setra Model CSS / CSC Digital Current Switches
Solid core or clamped/split care design, adjustable switch setpoints
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Setra 223 Flow Through Pressure Transducers
Ultra high purity flow-through pressure transducers, gauge, compound and absolute PSI and Bar ranges
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Setra 328 Micro Display
Switchable pressure units, rotating face for 360° Viewing
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Setra AccuSense ASL Pressure Transducer
Designed for low differential pressure measurements of air or other clean gases
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Setra 512 Industrial OEM Pressure Transducer
Designed to withstand pressure spikes, shock, and vibration caused by the harsh physical and environmental conditions
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Setra 550 Low Pressure Transducer
General service and submersible pressure transducer, pressure range 1 to 15 PSI
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Setra 516 Industrial OEM Pressure Transducer
Designed for demanding industrial applications that are subjected to pressure spikes, shock, and vibration
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Setra CTC Series Current Transducers
Clamped split core design, slide switch for selectable amperage ranges of 30, 60, 120A
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Setra SRMD Room Monitoring Display
Single or dual highly visible LCD display for viewing temperature and/or humidity parameters from up to 30 feet away
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Setra Model MRG Pressure Transducer
Field selectable ranges and output, universal design, IP67 rated housing
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Setra Model MRC Pressure Transducer
Ideal for critical environments, field selectable range and outputs, universal design
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Setra SRIM1 Room Isolation Monitor
Provides local audible and visual alarms to alert personnel when the pressure differential is compromised
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Setra SRIM2 Room Isolation Monitor
Provides visual and audible alarms for pressure, temperature, humidity and door input
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Setra MicroCal Pressure Calibrator
Stand-alone calibration standard for differential and gauge pressure sensors found in critical environments
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Setra Static Pressure Tips
Straight or angled static pressure tips for use with Setra pressure transducers
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Setra LD 330 Local Display
Micro local display for ultra high purity products
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Setra 6-Pin Mating Bayonet Connector
6-pin bayonet connector assembly with strain relief
Setra RPS Remote Pressure Probe
Remote pressure probe for Setra SRPM room pressure monitor
Setra Static Pressure Fitting
Static pressure fittings for metal or plastic/rubber tubing
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Setra Patrol Flex Current Probe
AC current probe utilizing the Rogowski Principle
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Setra SRAN Remote Annunciator
Allows indication of room status at remote locations
Setra SecureCal Calibration Accessory
Enables quick, tamper free calibrations of Setra ASM pressure transducers
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Setra Split Core Performance Current Transformer
Small, hinged, low cost current transformers with high accuracy over a wide dynamic range with excellent phase shift
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Setra 2313V 3 Valve Manifold Kit
Separate 3-Valve Manifold Kit for the Setra 231
Setra Security/Calibration Key
Security / calibration key for the Setra 269
Setra Electro-Pneumatic Harness
2 and 4-wire electro-pneumatic harnesses in lengths up to 15 feet
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Setra Split Core Standard Current Transformer
Current transformers that provide linear output voltage that is directly proportional to the input current
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Setra Duct Flange
Duct flange for Setra SRH Humidity transmitter
Setra 869516 PDA Interface Cable
PDA interface cable
Setra Harness Cable End Assembly
Harness cable end assembly for use with Setra MicroCal electro-pneumatic harness, 2-wire or 4-wire
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Setra 869226 Accessory Kit
Accessory kit for Setra Model 869
Setra 869957 Wall Adapter
Wall Adapter for the Setra Model 869
Setra Electrical Interface Kit
Electrical interface kit for Setra MicroCal pressure calibrator
Setra EPIC Cable
6 Foot or 12 foot EPIC Cable (EXP System only)
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Setra 2315V 5 Valve Manifold Kit
5-Valve Manifold Kit for the Setra 231
Setra MCPM Reference Modules
High accuracy reference modules for the Setra MicroCal pressure calibrator
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