• Single-room pressure indication for healthcare spaces
  • ±0.5% FS accuracy
  • Saves preventive maintenance
  • Single wall plate
  • Simple to install in minutes
  • Visual alarm via red/green light ring
  • Silent operation, no audible alarm
  • Offset light pipe, can be seen at an angle or down hallway
  • Digital display can be always-on or momentary
  • Full configuration with just 3 buttons
  • Analog output provides pressure reading to BMS system
  • Works with Setra FLEX for rooms with multiple doors


Setra Lite room pressure indicator is a simple and easy to use visual room pressure monitor. Setra Lite can tie into your building management system and has a plug-and-play connection with our Setra FLEX™ Environmental Room Monitor. Setra Lite has many features found only in larger, more complex room pressure monitors. These include a bright light ring that can be seen at an angle or down a hallway, a digital display of the pressure value that is always-on or momentary, an alarm delay for door entry, and POS or NEG room mode.

Setra Lite is about the size of a standard light switch, and just as simple to install. It fits in a single-gang US electrical box, or international 86-box, and is powered by 24VAC or 24VDC. The reference side pressure pickup is integral to the Setra Lite faceplate. An analog output provides the building management system with the pressure signal for any additional trending or alarming needed.

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