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  • Transmits data to the cloud
  • Virtually limitless scalability
  • Compatible with the RFOT, Therm-A-lert Series and 2000A Series of data loggers
  • Configurable alerts & notifications
  • Connects up to 64 data loggers
  • Multiple LED indicators
  • Quick and easy set up
  • Download data to CSV
  • CE Compliant model available (RFC1000-CE)

This product is an accessory for the following products:

MadgeTech Element CO2 / RH / Temperature Data Logger
Wireless CO2, Humidity & Temperature Data Logger, up to 200,000 ppm, digital display, USB interface
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MadgeTech Element HT Humidity & Temperature Data Logger
Wireless two-way communication, view real time data, measure temp up to 140°F and humidity up to 95%
MadgeTech RFCO2RHTemp2000A Air Quality Data Logger
Wireless data logger that measures and records carbon dioxide (CO2), humidity, and temperature levels
MadgeTech RFCurrent2000A Current Data Logger
Two-way wireless DC current data logger, digital display provides instant access to current readings and statistics
MadgeTech RFOT Temperature Data Logger
Wireless meat temperature data logger with two-way communication, up to 392°F and memory for 20,000 readings
MadgeTech RFPRHTemp2000A Pressure, RH & Temp Data Logger
Measures pressure, relative humidity and temperature with digital LCD display and 10,752 readings per channel
MadgeTech RFPulse2000A Data Logger
Wireless data logger records pulse output signals from various sensors such as flow meters & anemometers
MadgeTech RFRHTemp2000A Temp & RH Data Logger
Temperature and humidity data logger with wireless two-way communication
MadgeTech RFRTDTemp2000A Wireless RTD Data Logger
Wireless two-way communication, view data in real-time, field upgradeable, accepts 2, 3 or 4 wire 100Ω platinum RTD's
MadgeTech RFTCTemp2000A Wireless Data Logger
Wireless two-way communication, ambient & thermocouple temperature monitoring
MadgeTech RFTemp2000A Temperature Data Logger
Wireless two-way communication, view data in real time, ambient temperature monitoring with 32,256 readings per channel memory
MadgeTech RFVolt2000A Voltage Data Logger
Two-way wireless voltage data logger with LCD screen for instant access to current, min, max, and average readings
MadgeTech Therm-A-lert Temperature Data Logger
Temperature monitoring and alarming system with wireless two-way communication and memory for 30,000 readings
MadgeTech VTMS Vaccine Temperature Data Logger System
Ideal for the continuous measurement and data logging of temperature sensitive vaccines or pharmaceuticals in refrigerators, freezers, and coolers

The MadgeTech RFC1000 Cloud Relay is a small, powerful device which transmits real-time and recorded data directly to the MadgeTech Cloud without the need of a central PC. With the RFC1000 Cloud Relay and MadgeTech Cloud Services, real-time data is easily viewed from any internet enabled device, anywhere in the world.

The simple design of the RFC1000 Cloud Relay enables seamless integration and simplicity in implementing a wireless data logging system. Featuring a pivoting antenna, the RFC1000 Cloud Relay can be easily wall mounted or seated on any flat stable surface.

The RFC1000 Cloud Relay connects directly to an Ethernet jack for internet access to communicate with the MadgeTech Cloud server. Each RFC1000 Cloud Relay can transmit data from up to 64 wireless data loggers, with no limit on the number of Cloud Relays that can be connected to a MadgeTech Cloud account. This provides the ultimate scalable system to accommodate businesses and facilities of all sizes, from a single logger to dozens of locations. All data is stored in the cloud, with the option to download and save to CSV files for easy record keeping and further analysis.

The MadgeTech Cloud Hosted data logging platform provides continuous logging and monitoring of temperature, pressure, humidity data and more, while giving users instant remote access from any location. Data is transmitted from wireless data loggers directly to the RFC1000 Cloud Relay and relayed to the MadgeTech Cloud. From there, it can be viewed on any internet enabled device such as a computer, tablet, smartphone or other mobile device

System requirements for the MadgeTech RFC1000 Cloud Relay:

  • Ethernet jack for internet access
  • MadgeTech Cloud Services account
  • Electrical outlet
  • MadgeTech wireless data loggers (sold separately)