• RFRHTemp2000A
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  • View data in real-time, digital disply
  • 3 year battery life
  • Battery life indicator
  • Field upgradeable
  • Audible and LED alarm indicators
  • Cumulative alarm delay

What's in the Box

  • ISO 17025 accredited calibration certificate


The MadgeTech RFRHTemp2000A Wireless Temperature and Humidity Data Logger is calibrated traceable to N.I.S.T. and is available with a Calibration Certificate. The RFRHTemp2000A is ideal for both industrial or laboratory applications including supply chain storage facilities, incubator monitoring and HVAC studies. Designed with external humidity and RTD based temperature sensors, the device provides a fast response time for both parameters.

For customer convenience, functions include starting, stopping and downloading from the device wirelessly using the RFC1000 wireless transceiver. This allows customers to quickly access data and spend less time maintaining the device. Data can be provided in real time back to a central PC, or the device may be downloaded at periodic intervals. The digital display provides the current reading for both the humidity and temperature channels with minimum, maximum and average statistics accessible for a quick snapshot of the logged data.

The RFRHTemp2000A features user programmable alarm settings for both temperature and humidity parameters. An audible buzzer and LED alarm indicator notifies users when the temperature or humidity is above or below the threshold set in the alarm. Email and text alarms can also be configured and sent from within the software, allowing users to be notified almost anywhere.

The RFRHTemp2000A can be used as a single, wireless data logging system, or it can be expanded to a large scale system, which can include hundreds of data loggers measuring a number of areas (additional MadgeTech wireless data loggers and transceivers may be required). The RFRHTemp2000A utilizes the new MadgeTech Software, version 4.1. MadgeTech Data Logger Software is a powerful, analytic tool. Data can be viewed in graphical or tabular formats and summary and statistics views are available for further analysis.

Benefits include:

  • Fast installation
  • Minimal long-term maintenance
  • Full communication from one PC
  • Time and money saving with battery management
  • Reduction of false alarms

Applications include:

  • Clean Rooms
  • Laboratories and Hospitals
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical
  • Warehouse mapping
  • Storage of Perishable Goods
  • Chemical Storage
  • Incubator Monitoring
  • Greenhouse Monitoring
  • HVAC
  • Bakery / Cereal Production


This product can be used in the following applications:

Here's how some of our customers use this product...

Wireless Loggers with Stand-Alone Cloud Access

The Background: Our customer manages a LEED Certified building. They seek a means of monitoring and logging temperature and relative humidity data to ensure occupant comfort as well as compliance with LEED standards.

The Problem: Due to challenges within the building’s network and the desire to access the data remotely on the cloud, the customer wants to deploy a robust stand-alone system that is easy to set up and run. They are running into two issues: many systems that offer cellular access require wired sensors, and, wireless systems that need to hook into an Ethernet router.

The Solution: We suggested MadgeTech RFRHTemp2000A sensors, a wireless option with a range up to 2000', paired with a GE Orbit ECR and a Madgetech RFC1000 cloud relay. Ethernet from the RFC Cloud relay goes into the ECR router and is transmitted via a preferred carrier to the Madgetech Cloud software which can be accessed from anywhere.