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  • Wireless two-way communication
  • Temperature Range: -4 to 176°F (-20 to 80°C)
  • Accuracy: ±0.5°C
  • Resolution: 0.01°C
  • 32,256 readings per channel
  • Reading rate: 1 per second up to 1 per 24 hours
  • Green, blue & red indicators
  • 5 year battery life with indicator
  • Field upgradeable

What's in the Box

  • NIST traceable calibration certificate

The MadgeTech RFTemp2000A Temperature Data Logger is a wireless data logger featuring a digital display. The device measures ambient temperatures, making it ideal for monitoring perishable goods, chemicals and more. Starting, stopping and downloading from the device are all performed wirelessly using the RFC1000 wireless transceiver, allowing the user to spend less time maintaining the data logger. Data can be provided in real time back to a central PC, or the device may be downloaded at periodic intervals.

The convenient digital display provides the current reading as well as minimum, maximum and average statistics for a convenient snap shot of the logged data. For instant, out of range notification, an audible buzzer as well as LED alarm indicator notifies users when the temperature is above or below the user specified alarm setting. Through the software, email and text message alarms can also be sent. The RFTemp2000A also features programmable trigger settings for applications in which temperature logging is critical only above or below certain temperatures. This information may be programmed into the device, and the data logger will only begin to log data to memory, once the temperature limit has been exceeded.

The RFTemp2000A can be used as a single, wireless data logging system, yet can be expanded to a large scale system, which can include hundreds of data loggers measuring a number of areas (additional MadgeTech wireless loggers and transceivers may be required). The RFTemp2000A utilizes the new MadgeTech 4.0 Software. Data can be viewed in graphical or tabular formats and summary and statistics views are available for further analysis. The software features export to Excel, data annotation, digital calibration and more.

Applications for the MadgeTech RFTemp2000A Temperature Data Logger include:

  • Clean rooms
  • Laboratories and hospitals
  • Medical and pharmacuetical
  • Warehouse mapping
  • Storage of perishable goods
  • Chemical storage
  • Incubator monitoring

Additional benefits of the MadgeTech RFTemp2000A Temperature Data Logger include:

  • Fast installation
  • Minimal long-term maintenance
  • Full communication from One PC
  • Time and money saving with battery management
  • Easily isolate critical data
  • Reduction of false alarms

Required Components

These additional components are required for the operation of your product. We strongly advise you to purchase these components unless you already own them or own a suitable alternative.

MadgeTech RFC1000 Wireless Receiver
Designed to communicate between MadgeTech’s two-way wireless data loggers and MadgeTech software


MadgeTech U9VL-J Lithium Battery
9.0 Volt, Lithium Battery, 1200 mAH


Carrying cases, spare cases

MadgeTech MT-AluCase Briefcase
Aluminum data logger briefcase, lightweight, durable, 14 or 18 inch wide


Please consider these optional accessories.

MadgeTech RFC1000 Cloud Relay
Transmits real-time and recorded information from up to 64 data loggers directly to the MadgeTech Cloud


This product can be used in the following applications: