Established in 1977, Autonics has a world class reputation for its ability to manufacture diversified controllers and sensors for factory automation. By developing and providing high-performance products with revolutionary functionality, Autonics takes a leading role in the factory automation field with high technology and best service.

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Autonics LE4S / LE4SA Digital LCD Timer
1/16 DIN digital backlight LCD multimode timer, compact design
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Autonics TC3YT Temperature Controller
Cost-effective and simple to use temperature and on/off controller
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Autonics TC Series PID Temperature Controllers
Relay and SSRP output with 100ms high speed sampling
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Autonics TOS Analog Temperature Controllers
Analog and non-indicating controller with built-in burn out function
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Autonics TX4S Series Temperature Controller
1/16 DIN (48x48mm), LCD display, PID control, ±0.3% display accuracy, 50ms high-speed sampling cycle
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Autonics SPB Power Supply
DIN rail mount switching mode power supply with high conversion efficiency
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Autonics KRN100 Recorder
2-in-1 hybrid type paper/paperless recorder simultaneously displays measured values prints out on thermal paper
Autonics CN-6000 Signal Converter
Isolated signal converter with 3-color changeable LCD display
Autonics MT4 Series Panel Meters
Super version panel meter includes functions such as AC frequency measuring, zero adjustment and transmission output scale
Autonics KRN50 Recorder
Compact, 50mm recorder with data logging function for automatic back up in case of chart paper running out
Autonics CT Series Counter/Timer
Programmable four or six digit counter/timer is available with RS 485 communication to facilitate set-up and monitoring via PC
Autonics TZ Series PID Temperature Controllers
Dual PID auto-tuning control
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Autonics SMPS Power Supply
An affordable and versatile power supply.
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Autonics TCN Series Temperature Controllers
Economical temperature controllers with dual preset indicator display to increase user convenience
Autonics KN-2000W Series Panel Meter
1/8 DIN panel meter, 24Vdc transmitter power supply included, 16 bit ADC (±0.2% F.S.) accuracy, universal input
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Autonics PR Series Proximity Sensors
Cylindrical type proximity sensors with leads
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Autonics LE3S Timer
Digital timer with LCD display and thumbwheel switch
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Autonics KRN1000 Paperless Recorder
Touchscreen Paperless Recorder, supports 27 input types, up to 16 input channels
Autonics TK Series Temperature Controllers
PID temperature controller realizes more powerful controlling with super high-speed sampling cycle of 50ms and ±0.3% display-accuracy
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Autonics T3 / T4 Series Temperature Controllers
Digital switch setting type temperature controller
Autonics KN-1000 Digital Indicator
Slim sized digital indicator is compatible with a wide range of input signals and includes a bar graph display
Autonics TM Series Temperature Controllers
Multi-channel module type PID temperature controllers for high-speed controlling with superior sampling cycle
Autonics LE8N Timer
Compact, 8-digit LCD display, DIN 48x24mm, built-in battery, IP66 protection
Autonics LE365S-41 Timer
DIN 48X48mm, compact size, customizable weekly/yearly timer settings
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Autonics TA Series Temperature Controllers
Analog temperature controller provides convenient & precise control with MICOM & PID algorithm
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Autonics MT4N Panel Meters
Small-sized (W48×H24mm) digital multi panel meter with 7-segment, color-changeable LCD display
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Autonics M4 Panel Meter
Loop powered digital scaling instrument with a display range from -1999 to 9999
Autonics SPA Series Power Supply
Switching mode power supply with minimized noise and ripple, up to 24VDC output voltage, and up to 100W output current
Autonics SRH1 Solid State Relay
Single-phase, integrated heatsink type SSR, dielectric strength of 4000 VAC
Autonics 8 Pin Back Wired Socket
For panel mount applications
Autonics KRN100 Pen
Replacement pen for the Autonics KRN100 chart recorder
Autonics KRN50 Chart Paper
Replacement chart paper for the Autonics KRN50 chart recorder
Autonics KRN100 Chart Paper
Replacement chart paper for the Autonics KRN100 chart recorder