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  • Improved control performance with built-in microcomputer
  • Adopting new Auto-tuning PID control algorithm
  • Selectable ON/OFF, PID control (with the external slide SW)
  • Easy to check controlling status with deviation indicating lamp
  • Deviation LED (red, green), output LED (red) indicator
  • Dial setting output OFF function
  • Sensor broken display function
The Autonics TA Series is the recommended replacement for the Konbo 480 Temperature Controller.


The Autonics TA Series temperature controller applies a newly developed PID temperature control algorithm and micro-processor to a simple, dial setting type temperature controller, resulting in a better control performance and more economical price. Also, deviation lamps on the front panels offer easy visual guide on control status. Dial setting type output OFF function, sensor burn-out display function and self-tuning function enhance control performance of this series