Autonics CN-6000 Signal Converter
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  • Multi-input
    • CN-610: Thermocouple 12 types, RTD 5 types, Analog (mV, V, mA) 6 types
    • CN-640: 0 to 50.00 kHz
  • Improves visibility with negative LCD : 12 segment, 3 colors (selectable red, green, yellow)
  • Displays input type and unit on display part
  • Various outputs
  • Alarm output, 0-20 mA transmission output (adjustable insulation, output range), 0-10 VDC voltage output (adjustable insulation, output range)
  • Functions
    • High/Low peak monitoring
    • Sensor disconnection alarm output (burn-out)
    • Input correction
    • User input range
    • Display scale
    • Transmission output scale
    • Analog output range setting
    • Built-in power supply for sensor (24 VDC)

The Autonics CN-6000 series is a cost-effective isolated converter with various functions and more than reliable quality. The CN-6000 has functions that will promise higher productivity than ever. Moreover, a 3-color changeable display offers easier recognition of signals in any work environments. This small but powerful converter has no comparison among any other converters.