Autonics SMPS Power Supply
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  • Compact design with convenient DIN rail mounting capability
  • Built-in short circuit protection against overload
  • High wattage output (3W) relative to its size
  • Wide range of power voltage—converts 85 to 264V AC 50/60 to 24V DC

The Autonics Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS), which converts an input voltage of 85 to 264V AC 50/60 Hz to 24V DC, provides power to field transmitters as well as other instruments that require 24V DC.

Even with its compact dimensions (3" x 1.5" x 2.5"), the SMPS easily converts a wide range of voltage. The convenient DIN rail mounting capability permits its use in remote field locations. Built-in short-circuit protection guards against overloads, and the SMPS's high output (3W) makes it a powerful unit for its size.

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24V DC
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