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This product is an accessory for the following products:

Autonics LE3S Timer
Digital timer with LCD display and thumbwheel switch
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Autonics LE4S / LE4SA Digital LCD Timer
1/16 DIN digital backlight LCD multimode timer, compact design
Autonics TA Series Temperature Controllers
Analog temperature controller provides convenient & precise control with MICOM & PID algorithm
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Autonics TOS Analog Temperature Controllers
Analog and non-indicating controller with built-in burn out function
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Fuji Electric PXR4 Temperature Controller
Advanced, self-tuning 1/16 DIN temperature and process controller with 16 ramp / soak segments
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Fuji Electric PXW / PXZ Temperature Controllers
Dual display self-tuning process / temperature controllers have 8 ramp / soak segments