Rice Lake Weighing Systems is an international leader in the manufacture and distribution of weight-related products and process-control equipment. Within this ISO 9001 registered company, progressive new technologies merge with the wisdom of industry experience and create the future of weighing through cutting-edge research and design. We offer the full line of Rice Lake products, please give us a call if you don't see something you are looking for!

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Rice Lake RL9000TWM Load Cells
One-piece module ideal for hostile-environment vessel weighing with low profile and weatherproof stainless steel construction
Rice Lake MSI-7300 Dyna-Link 2 Crane Scale
Digital Tension Dynamometer measures up to 550,000 pounds
Rice Lake 920i Weight Indicator / Controller
Customizable weight indicator and process controller with flexible programming options
Rice Lake SCT-1100 / SCT-2200 Advanced Signal Conditioning Transmitter/Indicator
Multi-function indicator and transmitter for PLC systems that require weight data from a scale
Rice Lake RoughDeck Series Floor Scale System
4x4ft floor scale, factory calibrated for quick set up, 5,000 or 10,000 lb capacities
Rice Lake 680 Synergy Plus Weight Indicator
Configurable with eight set-points and four digital I/O, for use in industrial environments
Rice Lake Summit 3000 Floor Scale
Industrial scale and indicator with a durable low-profile deck that fits well into many material handling environments
Rice Lake ITCM Weigh Modules
Features clevis and rod-end ball-joint assembly to provide excellent performance in suspended tank and hopper weighing applications
Rice Lake 10lb Test Weight Sets
10lb stainless steel Class F weight sets for testing scales and balances
Rice Lake MSI-3460 Challenger 3 Crane Scale
Digital scale with top lifting eye, bottom swivel hook, and 1.5 in LED display for long-range viewing
Rice Lake iDimensions Series Scales
Captures and calculates the dimensions, no moving parts to service or maintain, converts irregular shapes
Rice Lake TE Series Tuning Fork Analytical Balance
External weight calibration, mono-metal tuning fork technology (MMTF), 30 step bar graph display
Rice Lake TC Series Tuning Fork Balance
Mono-metal tuning fork sensor (MMTF), 12 units of measurement, semi-automatic calibration, external weight
Rice Lake ML-50 / MS-70 / MX-50 / MF-50 Moisture Analyzers
Fast and uniform heating with halogen lamp and uniquely designed (secondary radiation assist) SRA filter
Rice Lake MSI-4260 Port-A-Weigh Crane Scale
500 lb up to 100K lb capacity, ±0.1% accuracy, five digit, 1.2 in (30 mm) LED display
Rice Lake TA Series Tuning Fork Balance
Anti-electric 360° transparent windshield, single-touch response setting for environment, 40 step bar graph display
Rice Lake MSI-9300 Port-A-Weigh Plus Crane Scale
500 lb up to 100K lb capacity, ±0.1% accuracy, six digit, 1.2 in (30 mm) LED display
Rice Lake 880 Performance Series Weight Indicator
Controller with digital LED display, RS-232 or RS-485 serial port, AC or DC models, and 20 setpoints
Rice Lake 1280 Enterprise Series HMI Weight Indicator
Comtroller with more than 150 built-in functions for programming, customizable graphical display, & multi-range/interval weighing functions
Rice Lake 920i FlexWeigh Process Controller
Turnkey interface and control panel for most common weighing processes, providing clearly defined, immediate solutions for almost any operation
Rice Lake SCT20 Transmitter
Signal conditioning transmitter/indicator convert a scale's load cell signals to analog output, serial output, or a specific network protocol
Rice Lake 882IS Weight Indicator
Intrinsically safe backlit LCD display for use with load cells in flammable and combustible applications
Rice Lake 920i USB Indicator Controller
Programmable HMI indicator/controller with a USB interface
Rice Lake IS6V2 Rechargeable Battery
FM approved battery supply for use in hazardous locations, 250mA max current, 6VDC output
Rice Lake SCT-2200 RS-485 Connection Cable
Fieldbus connection cable for Rice Lake SCT-2200 advanced signal conditioning transmitter/indicator
Rice Lake 119919 Modem Serial Cable
DB9F to DB9F Null Modem Serial Cable 6 Foot
Rice Lake 882IS Single Analog Output
0 to 10VDC, 0 to 20mA, or 4 to 20mA
Rice Lake MSI-8000 RF Remote Display
Handheld display for MSI Crane Scales with an RF Modem
Rice Lake AX-36 Tweezers
Tweezers (2 each)
Rice Lake 115303 RS-232 Cable
Cable, RS-232 5-Pin DIN to DB9 female
Rice Lake 882IS Ethernet/IP Option
Ethernet Industrial Protocol communication based on the IEEE 802.3 standard, the TCP/IP protocol suite and CIP
Rice Lake 156554 EtherNet/IP Interface
EtherNet/IP Interface for the 880
Rice Lake 165795 Profibus Option
Profibus CompactCom option
Rice Lake 165796 Modbus TCP Option
Modbus TCP CompactCom Option
Rice Lake 42566 Power Supply
Power supply, adapter 120V 60Hz 4.5W input 12VDC 200mA,
Rice Lake Power Supply
12 or 24V power supply for Rice Lake SCT20 transmitters
Rice Lake IS6V2 Battery Charger
Universal 90 to 264 VAC input with output of 6VDC nominal, 7.2VDC charge, 6.8VDC float
Rice Lake 156964 Analog Output Option Card
Analog output, 0-10 VDC, 0-20mA, 4-20mA
Rice Lake AX-43 Temperature Calibrator
Temperature calibrator (MS-70 and MX-50 only)
Rice Lake 882IS DeviceNet Option
Communications adapter device connects to a DeviceNet network, acts as a group-two-only server, supports one polled I/O
Rice Lake 882IS Profibus Option
Interface module used to read and write data to the 882IS using a PLC or another primary controller
Rice Lake 165794 ProfiNet Option
ProfiNet CompactCom option
Rice Lake 882IS ProfiNet Option
Supports 10/100 Mbps, full or half duplex operation, update rate depends on the configured baud rate and the number of network nodes
Rice Lake 186077 Density Measurement Kit
Density Measurement Kit for the TE Series Balances
Rice Lake 186079 Ethernet TCP/IP Option
Ethernet TCP/IP Option TE Series Balances
Rice Lake 152355 Profinet RT I/O Module
Profinet RT I/O Plug-in Module only, CompactCom
Rice Lake 882D Belt Scale Indicator
Designed with belt scales in mind, it can be customized to control product dosing or manage metering
Rice Lake 15436 Power Cord
Power cord, pigtail 9ft 10in, Black, SVT, 18 gauge/3 conductor, CEE color code
Rice Lake AX-37 Spoons
Spoons (2 each)
Rice Lake 186075 / 186076 Dust Cover
Dust cover for use with the TE Series Balances
Rice Lake 109236 / 109292 Underweigh Hook
Underweigh Hook for the TC Series
Rice Lake 107240 / 107250 Cover
In-use cover for the TC or TP balance
Rice Lake AX-35 Pan Handles
Pan handles (2 each)
Rice Lake Bolt Removal Tool
Center bolt removal tool for Rice Lake RL9000TWM load cells
Rice Lake AX-38 Protective In-Use Covers
Protective In-Use Covers (5 each)
Rice Lake 108255 / 108256 Power Adapter
Power adapter TA Series 115VAC
Rice Lake 108257 Cover
In use cover for the TA Series
Rice Lake AX-32 Glass Fiber Sheets
Glass fiber sheets (100 each)
Rice Lake AX-34 Halogen Lamp
Halogen lamp (replacement)
Rice Lake 882IS Power Cable
Hazardous location cable with M12 D-code straight male to right angle female connectors
Rice Lake 186074 Power Supply
Power supply, adapter 100 to 240VAC, for the TE Series
Rice Lake 42168 EU Adapter
Adapter, 230v EU plug for the TC Series Balance
Rice Lake ITCM Clevis Mount Assemblies
Clevis mount assembly for Rice Lake ITCM weigh modules
Rice Lake AX-33 Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate Test Samples
Sodium tartrate dihydrate test samples (30g x 12 each)
Rice Lake AX-31 Sample Pans
Samples Pans (washable, 100 each)
Rice Lake 107236 / 107237 Rechargeable Battery
Rechargeable battery, 32 hour run time, 12 hour charge time
Rice Lake 107238 / 107239 Pin Connector
Balance OPT,RS-232 Bi-Directional, DIN-5 Pin Connector
Rice Lake ITCM Hardware Kits
Features complete installation accessories for Rice Lake ITCM weigh modules
Rice Lake AX-42 WinCT Moisture
WinCT Moisture (standard for MS-70 and MX-50, option for MF-50)
Rice Lake MSI-7300 Carry Case
With foam for use with 1K-10K MSI-7300 and MSI-8000
Rice Lake 156965 Relay Option Card
Relay Card Four Channel, Dry Contact, 3A @ 115VAC, 5A @ 30VDC.
Rice Lake 75351 WinWedge Software
Software, WinWedge 32 Std TAL
Rice Lake 163407 Single Scale
Board assembly,1280 single scale card board only
Rice Lake 164704 Analog Output Board
Board assembly,1280 single analog output board only
Rice Lake 162930 Dual Channel Serial Card
Board assembly, 1280 dual channel serial card, board only RS232/422/485
Rice Lake 165366 Analog Option Card
Single analog output option card
Rice Lake MSI-7300 Transport Case
For use with 25k and 50k DynaLink 2 Digital Tension Dynamometers
Rice Lake MSI-7300 Shipping Crate
For use with 100k Dyna Link 2 Digital Tension Dynamometers
Rice Lake 164974 Four Channel,Dry Contact Option
Board Assembly, relay 1280 four channel, dry contact,3A @ 115VAC, 5A @ 30VDC
Rice Lake 162931 Dual Analog Output Board
1280 dual analog output board only assembly
Rice Lake 160760 Dual Scale A/D Board Assembly
Board assembly,1280 dual scale A/D board only
Rice Lake 156555 ProfiNet Card
ProfiNet Interface Option Card
Rice Lake 882IS EtherCAT Option
Supports 10/100 Mbps, full or half duplex operation, port 1 is for incoming communications and port 2 is for outgoing communications
Rice Lake 165793 DeviceNet Option
DeviceNet CompactCom option
Rice Lake 165792 Ethernet/IP Option
Ethernet/IP CompactCom option
Rice Lake 882IS Modbus TCP Option
Supports 10/100 Mbps, full or half duplex operation, uses holding registers to transfer data between 882IS and a PLC or primary device
Rice Lake 152357 Ethernet/IP Module
Module, Ethernet/IP Plug-in Module only, CompactCom
Rice Lake 152358 Profibus DPV1 Module
Module, Profibus DPV1 Plug-in Module only, CompactCom
Rice Lake 152359 Modbus-TCP Module
Modbus-TCP Plug-in Module only, CompactCom
Rice Lake 152360 DeviceNet Plug-in Module
Module, DeviceNet Plug-in Module only, CompactCom
Rice Lake 882IS Dual Output Power Supply
100 to 240VAC input line voltage feed must be run through conduit and be properly sealed, output 6.8VDC, 200mA
Rice Lake MSI-9750A RF Indicator
Portable, includes integrated rechargeable battery and universal charger