Rice Lake ML-50 / MS-70 / MX-50 / MF-50 Moisture Analyzers
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  • 51g or 71g capacity
  • 0.001g to 0.0001g repeatability
  • Fast and uniform heating
  • WinCT communication tools software
  • 5 measurement programs
  • Vacuum fluorescent display (VFD)
  • Glass window for heating check and easy cleaning
  • Self-check function
  • Standard bidirectional RS-232C

The Rice Lake A&D ML-50 / MS-70 / MX-50 / MF-50 Moisture Analyzers provide fast and uniform heating with halogen lamp and a uniquely designed SRA (secondary radiation assist) filter. Sodium tartrate dehydrate is provided as a stable moisture content for accuracy checks of the analyzer. The moisture analyzers feature five measurement programs including standard, automatic, timer, manual and quick.

The ML-50 includes 10 sample pan's and pan handle.

The MF-50 includes 20 sample pan's, 2 pan handles, dust cover, test sample, glass fiber sheets, spoon, tweezers and WinCT CD-ROM.

The MS-70 and MX-50 include 20 sample pan's, 2 pan handles, dust cover, test sample, glass fiber sheets, spoon, tweezers, RS-232C serial interface cable and WinCT-Moisture CD-ROM.

Rice Lake AX-31 Sample Pans
Samples Pans (washable, 100 each)
Rice Lake AX-32 Glass Fiber Sheets
Glass fiber sheets (100 each)
Rice Lake AX-33 Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate Test Samples
Sodium tartrate dihydrate test samples (30g x 12 each)
Rice Lake AX-34 Halogen Lamp
Halogen lamp (replacement)
Rice Lake AX-35 Pan Handles
Pan handles (2 each)
Rice Lake AX-36 Tweezers
Tweezers (2 each)
Rice Lake AX-37 Spoons
Spoons (2 each)
Rice Lake AX-38 Protective In-Use Covers
Protective In-Use Covers (5 each)
Rice Lake AX-42 WinCT Moisture
WinCT Moisture (standard for MS-70 and MX-50, option for MF-50)
Rice Lake AX-43 Temperature Calibrator
Temperature calibrator (MS-70 and MX-50 only)