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  • Three serial ports: two RS-232, one full duplex RS-485
  • Numeric keyed entry allowed for tare and setpoint entry
  • Formattable tickets
  • Ethernet TCP/IP
  • USB device
  • Stainless steel IP69K enclosure
  • Four onboard configurable digital I/O points, TTL logic


The Rice Lake 680 Synergy Plus Weight Indicator combines features found in advanced instrumentation with the easy-to-use functions of more basic indicators. The Rice Lake 680 Synergy Plus is suitable for real-world, industrial environments. Tackle general purpose weighing, straightforward automation and a wide range of applications with the 680 Synergy Series.

With eight set-points and four digital I/O, the Rice Lake 680 Synergy Plus can perform basic batching and filling operations. Design a multi-step procedure and run it automatically from beginning to end with the 680's configurable batch engine. Users can also customize printed tickets with formattable gross, net, set-point and auxiliary print formats. The Rice Lake 680 Synergy Plus also supports multiple onboard communication options, providing connection to multiple devices such as printers and computers.