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For NTEP projects, please consult with your local Department of Weights and Measures to ensure regulatory compliance


  • Capacities (per module): 100-20,000 lb (45.4-9071.1 kg)
  • Clevis mounts with nylon insulating washers
  • PTFE lined rod end ball joints
  • Load cell is completely isolated from stray currents (excluding 20,000 lb capacity)
  • Grounding strap provides alternative path to ground
  • Complete package for ease of installations
  • Provides correct load cell loading even in difficult installations
  • Lower overall height compared to other isolated tension assemblies

What's in the Box

  • 1 JB4SS NEMA 4X stainless steel signal-trim junction box (3- and 4-module kit packages only)
  • 3 or 4 ITCM assemblies with RL20000 NTEP-certified S-Beam load cells (3- and 4-module kit packages only)
  • 25' of Hostile Environment EL147HE SURVIVOR® load cell cable (3- and 4-module kit packages only)

Rice Lake ITCM series weight modules are designed to provide excellent performance in suspended tank and hopper weighing applications. Utilizing several Rice Lake components, the ITCM feature RL20000 series S-beam load cells along with clevis and unique rod-end ball joint assemblies to reduce the overall length to less than half of the traditional tension cell mounts, while providing correct load alignment and isolating the load cell from extraneous forces detrimental to accurate system performance.

The ITCM is available in single-module, 3-module and 4-module versions with each module capable of weights from 100 to 20,000 pounds. The clevis and rod-end ball-joint assembly allows the modules to hang vertically and measure through tension. The load cell is completely isolated from stray currents using PTFE-lined rod ends and a grounding strap which provides an alternative path to ground.

A single ITCM module is often used to convert a mechanical scale to electronic operation, allowing for the added benefits of an electronic signal for process control or data collection. 3- and 4-module versions are part of kit packages which include 1 JB4SS NEMA 4X stainless steel signal-trim junction box, 3 or 4 ITCM assemblies with RL20000 NTEP-certified S-Beam load cells, and 25' of Hostile Environment EL147HE SURVIVOR® load cell cable.

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Application Notes

Here's how some of our customers used this product.

Calculating the Flexural Rigidity of Carbon Fiber Parts

The Background: Our customer is a boatbuilder that designs and builds high-performance racing yachts. They seek a means to test the flexural rigidity of the carbon fiber battens used in the construction of their boats.

The Problem: Racing boats need to trim weight to be fast. This is done by using just the bare minimum of materials required to maintain stiffness and strength. This requires precise calculations and advanced knowledge of the properties of the building materials.

The Solution: The customer used Rice Lake ITCM load cells to monitor the force applied from a hydraulic ram to the carbon fiber battens used construction. The deflection was measured using string pots. Using these two measurements the customer is able to calculate the flexural rigidity. With this information they can fine tune the ramp soak cycles in their autoclave to achieve the correct combination of stiffness and strength for critical boat parts.