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  • Five-wire resistive color touchscreen
  • 800 x 480 pixel, graphpical display
  • Universal, panel and wall mounts available
  • More than 150 built-in functions
  • Multi-range/interval weighing functions
  • Eight digital I/O for control and pulse count
  • 100 setpoints, 18 configurable setpoint types
  • 22 soft keys with 10 user-defined
  • Two RS-232 and RS-485 serial ports
  • Multi-language operation

This product is an accessory for the following products:

Rice Lake ITCM Weigh Modules
Features clevis and rod-end ball-joint assembly to provide excellent performance in suspended tank and hopper weighing applications
Rice Lake RL9000TWM Load Cells
One-piece module ideal for hostile-environment vessel weighing with low profile and weatherproof stainless steel construction

The Rice 1280 Enterprise Series HMI Weight Indicator / Controller is an innovative powerhouse, delivering uncompromising speed for today's operations and expansive options for tomorrow's requirements. More than 150 built-in functions simplify programming, and custom applications are accomplished with Rice Lake's iRite software. A leap forward in technology, the 1280 empowers your operation with limitless programmability. A highly customizable graphical user interface, the ability to power up to eight scales, and a lightning-fast Freescale i.MX6 processer take multitasking to the next level.

The 1280 incorporates a durable color touchscreen with a seven-inch LCD display, empowering operators to control functions without sacrificing time or safety. Program multiple screens with customizable widgets and softkeys to create an interface designed for your own process.

The 1280 is a dynamic instrument for the growth of any enterprise, and is designed to withstand even the harshest environments. Built with industrial-grade components and stainless steel NEMA Type 4X enclosures, the 1280 features IP69K protection for universal and panel mounts. Seamlessly integrate the 1280 with existing equipment. With a built-in web server, Ethernet TCP/IP, Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth® and RS-232/485, you may never need to add an option card; however the 1280 is easily expandable with up to six smart option cards.

Rice Lake 160760 Dual Scale A/D Board Assembly
Board assembly,1280 dual scale A/D board only
Rice Lake 163407 Single Scale
Board assembly,1280 single scale card board only
Rice Lake 162931 Dual Analog Output Board
1280 dual analog output board only assembly
Rice Lake 165366 Analog Option Card
Single analog output option card
Rice Lake 164704 Analog Output Board
Board assembly,1280 single analog output board only
Rice Lake 165793 DeviceNet Option
DeviceNet CompactCom option
Rice Lake 152360 DeviceNet Plug-in Module
Module, DeviceNet Plug-in Module only, CompactCom
Rice Lake 165792 Ethernet/IP Option
Ethernet/IP CompactCom option
Rice Lake 152357 Ethernet/IP Module
Module, Ethernet/IP Plug-in Module only, CompactCom
Rice Lake 165796 Modbus TCP Option
Modbus TCP CompactCom Option
Rice Lake 152359 Modbus-TCP Module
Modbus-TCP Plug-in Module only, CompactCom
Rice Lake 165795 Profibus Option
Profibus CompactCom option
Rice Lake 165794 ProfiNet Option
ProfiNet CompactCom option
Rice Lake 152355 Profinet RT I/O Module
Profinet RT I/O Plug-in Module only, CompactCom
Rice Lake 164974 Four Channel,Dry Contact Option
Board Assembly, relay 1280 four channel, dry contact,3A @ 115VAC, 5A @ 30VDC
Rice Lake 162930 Dual Channel Serial Card
Board assembly, 1280 dual channel serial card, board only RS232/422/485