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  • Windows compatible software
  • PC serial port

This product is an accessory for the following products:

Flo-tech Activa Sensor Arrays
Provides analog output for flow, temperature & pressure in a compact unit
Flo-tech Classic Turbine Flow Sensor
Measures flow rate providing frequency or analog output, choice of high strength aluminum or Stressproof® steel bodies
Flo-tech F5140 K Factor Scale
Pre-amplifier for low level turbine meters converts low level frequency outputs into square wave output signals
Flo-tech PFM6 Digital Portable Hydraulic Tester
Compact, lightweight, portable tester simultaneously measures flow, pressure & temperature
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Flo-tech PFM6BD Bi-Directional Hydraulic Tester
Bi-directional tester simultaneously measures flow, pressure & temperature with an internal pressure relief system
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Flo-tech PFM8 Digital Hydraulic Tester & Dynamometer
Measures flow, temperature, pressure & power from one point with pressure surge protection & a large membrane switch
Flo-tech Ultima Sensor Array
Simultaneously measures flow, pressure & temperature of hydraulic fluids with a pulse output for flow

Flo-tech F5141 Programming Software Kit makes the Flo-tech F5140 K Factor Scale field-adjustable, converting the frequency output of a turbine meter into a different frequency, representing another unit of measure, such as liters, barrels, cubic feet, etc. Kit includes a programming adapter that interfaces the serial port from the PC to the programming port on the board.