• F5140
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The K-factor scaler is a field adjustable frequency divider that converts the low level frequency output from a turbine meter into a scaled square wave output signal. This amplified, square wave output signal will interface with any frequency or counter input data collection device.

Due to the low level frequency signal of the FSC-375 and the Ultima F6202-F and F6222-F series turbine meters, the K-Factor Scaler is required to amplify the signal of these turbine meters for transmission to the Flo-tech F6600 and F6650 Series digital displays.

The K-Factor Scaler is also capable of converting the frequency output of a turbine meter into a different frequency, representing another unit of measure, such as liters, barrels, cubic feet, etc. This requires the optional Flo-tech F5141 Programming Software Kit and the K-factor information unique to the turbine meter.


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