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  • Cloud-based data access
  • Flexible support for a broad range of sensors
  • LCD display for easy field deployment
  • Plug-and-play operation
  • Alarm notifications via text, email
  • Rugged double-weatherproof enclosure
  • Cellular, Wifi and Ethernet Option are available
  • Optional Analog Input and Relay Modules

What's in the Box

  • 2 plates for cable access openings
  • 2 rubber cable channels
  • Rubber plugs
  • Grease packet
  • 2 mounting plates
  • Grounding wire
  • 2 U-bolts

The HOBO RX3000 Remote Monitoring Station is a research-grade data logging weather station that combines greater measurement flexibility and an on-board LCD display in a rugged, easy-to-deploy package. The RX3000 provides continuous logging for a broad range of energy and weather monitoring applications with up to ten smart sensors and optional relay and analog sensor modules. Supported measurements include temperature, relative humidity, dew point, solar radiation, PAR, rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, soil moisture, barometric pressure, leaf wetness, 4-20mA, voltage input, and pulse input.

Data from the RX3000 station is transferred at regular connection intervals to HOBOlink web-based software where you can check the latest conditions, view graphs, configure sensors and alarms, download your data, or schedule data delivery via email or FTP. Check out Instrumart's RX3000 HOBOlink for an example of what it will look like.

Inside its weatherproof enclosure, this durable station has a built-in LCD screen to check the current system configuration and status, start and stop logging, add and remove smart sensors, and connect to HOBOlink on demand. Up to three individual relays can be activated on the optional relay module while the optional analog module has four analog inputs that support excitation power, scaling, and statistics measurements. Both of these easy-to-install modules can be configured with HOBOlink.

The RX3003 cellular communication data logger is available as a weather station starter kit that includes a 1-year data plan (choice of Global Limited Plan or Global Max-Connect Plan).

Required Components

These additional components are required for the operation of your product. We strongly advise you to purchase these components unless you already own them or own a suitable alternative.

HOBO RX Data Plans
RX remote monitors require a data plan selection in order to function
HOBO Power Adapters
AC power adapters for use with HOBO RX3000 data loggers
In Stock
HOBO DC Power Cable
External DC power cable for HOBO RX3000 data logger

Wireless Sensors/Probes

HOBO RXW-SMC-900 Wireless Soil Moisture Sensor
HOBOnet sensor with range of 1,500 to 2,000ft, wireless mesh self-healing technology, and up to 50 wireless sensors per network
HOBO RXW-SMD-900 Wireless Soil Moisture Sensor
HOBOnet sensor measures a 1-liter volume of soil and transmits data within a self-healing mesh network for greater reliability and range
HOBO RXW-THC-900 Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor
HOBOnet sensor includes wireless mesh self-healing technology, and withstands extended use in high-humidity environments
HOBO RXW-TMB-900 Wireless Temperature Sensor
HOBOnet high-accuracy sensor with stainless steel tip rated for immersion in water or soil up to 122°F for up to 1 year
HOBO RXW-RGE-900 Wireless Rain Gauge Sensor
HOBOnet sensor measures in 0.01in increments, and includes bird spikes and locking debris screen to minimize interference
HOBO RXW-RGF-900 Wireless Rain Gauge Sensor
HOBOnet sensor measures in 0.2mm increments, and includes bird spikes and locking debris screen to minimize interference
HOBO RXW-WCF-900 Wind Speed and Direction Sensor
HOBOnet wireless sensor provides average wind speed, highest 3-second wind gust, and average wind direction
HOBO RXW-LIA-900 Wireless PAR Sensor
HOBOnet sensor measures photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) and light intensity for frequencies relevant to photosynthesis
HOBO RXW-LIB-900 Wireless Solar Radiation Sensor
HOBOnet silicon pyranometer sensor is calibrated to measure light intensity for frequencies relevant for solar radiation
HOBO RXMOD-RXW-900 Wireless Manager
Module and mote for installation in a RX3000 station, and designed to work with HOBOnet wireless sensor network
In Stock
HOBO RXW-RPTR-900 Wireless Repeater
HOBOnet repeater ideal for use for obstructions between network motes and the station, or to extend transmission range of motes


HOBO 12-bit Temperature/RH Smart Sensors
Temperature and RH measurements
HOBO TMB Series 12-Bit Temperature Smart Sensors
Temp, and water temp measurements, stainless steel sensor tip and robust cable, 2m, 6m and 17m length options
HOBO T-VER-971BP-200 Split-Core Bi-Polar DC Transducer
Measures up to 200 Amps of DC current in both flow directions, adjustable span range
HOBO T-MAG-SCT Series AC Transformer
Split-core design for fast, easy installation, up to 600A measurements, accuracy at 10% to 130% of rated current
HOBO CDI-5200 / CDI-5400 Compressed Air Flow Meters
Adds the ability for users to be able to measure compressed air flow (SCFM), fits 1 inch or 2 inch steel pipes
HOBO ACT-0750 Split-Core Current Transformers
Accu-CT revenue-grade, split-core current transformer, 20, 50, 100 and 250 A range options, one-handed opening and closing mechanism
HOBO T-VER-E50B2 Power / Energy Meter
True RMS up to the 21st harmonic 60 Hz, One to three phase AC system
HOBO WNB-3D WattNode 3-Phase Series Transducers
Measures 1, 2, or 3 phases in 2, 3, or 4 wire configurations, pulse output, use with wide variety of CT's
HOBO Veris Kilowatt Hour 1-Phase / 3-Phase Transducers
300 or 800 amp sensors, split-core installation eliminates the need to remove conductors, accurate electronic pulse output
In Stock
HOBO MAG-SPT Series AC Potential Transformers
Measures True RMS for accurate readings of sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal waveforms, ranges of 150, 300, 600 Volts AC
HOBO U-DT-2 U30 Shuttle Data Transporter
Reads out data from systems in the field for transfer to a host computer, preserves data in nonvolatile memory
HOBO WattNode Branch Circuit Transducer Sensor
Measures up to 3 separate branch circuits simultaneously, accurate measurement of multiple single phase or each phase of 3-phase configurations
HOBO WattNode 1 / 2 / 3 Phase Wye kWh Transducer Sensor
Measures 1, 2, or 3 phases in 2, 3, or 4 wire configurations
HOBO MAG-0400 Series AC Current Transformers
Split-core design for fast, easy installation, measures up to 75A, output 0.333 Volt AC at rated current
HOBO UCC Series Pulse Input Adapters
Connects sensors with pulse outputs to loggers with smart-sensor inputs
In Stock
HOBO UCD Series Contact Closure Input Adapter
Connects sensors with pulse outputs to loggers with smart-sensor inputs, compatible with contact closures


Please consider these optional accessories.

HOBO Voltage Input Adapter Sensor
Digital filtering improves measurement accuracy with 32 readings/sample, 12-bit resolution
In Stock
HOBO 4-20 mA Input Adapter Sensor
Interfaces with any sensor providing a 4-20 mA signal to connect to smart sensor compatible data loggers
In Stock
Hobo RXMOD-R1 Relay Module
Allows for up to three individual relays to be activated or pulsed in response to alarms
In Stock
Hobo RXMOD-A1 Analog Module
Includes four analog inputs that support excitation power, scaling, and statistics measurements
In Stock
HOBO S-BPB-CM50 Barometric Pressure Smart Sensor
Barometric Pressure Smart Sensor for use with the HOBO Remote Monitoring Station Data Loggers
HOBO S-LWA Leaf Wetness Smart Sensor
Measurement range: 0 (dry) to 100% (wet), capacitive grid sensor type
HOBO S-LIA Photosynthetic Light Smart Sensor
Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) Smart Sensor, designed to detect photons between 400-700 nm in wave length
HOBO S-LIB Solar Radiation Sensor
Solar Radiation (Silicon Pyranometer) Sensor, measurement range: 0 to 1280 W/m²
HOBO S-RGB-M002 Rainfall Smart Sensor
0.2 mm Rainfall (2m cable) Smart Sensor, measures rainfall rates up to 12.7 cm per hour
HOBO S-RGA-M002 Rain Gauge Smart Sensor
0.01" Rain Gauge (2m cable) Smart Sensor, measures rainfall rates up to five inches per hour
HOBO S-SMC-M005 Soil Moisture Smart Sensor
Sensor uses a high-frequency (70 MHz) circuit that provides good accuracy even in high-salinity and sandy soils.
HOBO S-SMD Soil Moisture Smart Sensor
Measures a large 1-liter volume of soil, providing a more accurate picture of average soil moisture
HOBO T-MINOL-NL Water Flow Meter Sensor
Compact, no-lead water flow meter sensor that measures cold and hot water flow rates, with 59 inch cable length
HOBO S-WDA Wind Direction Smart Sensor
Research-grade plug-and-play sensor for measuring and logging wind direction data
HOBO S-WSB Wind Speed Smart Sensor
Measure wind speed from 0 to 76 m/s (0 to 170 mph), sensor survives through 170 mph
HOBO S-WSET-B Wind Smart Sensor Set
Set includes research-grade plug-and-play Wind Speed Smart Sensor and the Wind Direction Smart Sensor
HOBO S-WCB Wind Monitor Adapter Sensor
Connects the R.M. Young Wind Monitor-AQ Sensor (model 05305) with Onset's line of research-grade weather stations
HOBO S-WCC Marine Wind Monitor Adapter Sensor
Connects the R.M. Young Marine Wind Monitor Sensor (model 05106) with Onset's line of research-grade weather stations
HOBO SOLAR-5W / SOLAR15W Solar Panels
5 Watt and 15 Watt solar panels work with the RX3000, MicroRX, and the U30-NRC, reduce system costs
HOBO S-WCG-M003 Ultrasonic Smart Sensor
Ultrasonic wind, speed and direction smart sensor, plug-and-play with HOBO stations
HOBO Weather Station Tripod Kit
Tripod kit for HOBO Weather Station or HOBO Micro Station, 6.5 or 9.8ft


This product can be used in the following applications:

Application Notes

Here's how some of our customers used this product.

Rooftop HVAC Monitoring

The Background: An engineering firm is conducting an analysis on a rooftop HVAC installation to monitor for energy efficiency.

The Problem: The firm needs a multiparameter logger to monitor temperature, pressure and power usage. Additionally, the information needs to be transmitted from the monitoring site to the firm's base 3 hours away.

The Solution: We suggested the HOBO RX3000 with a HOBO TMB Series 12-Bit Temperature Smart Sensor, HOBO T-MAG-SCT Series AC Transformer, HOBO T-VER-E50B2 Power / Energy Meter, and an AST46PT Sealed Pressure / Temperature Transmitter. The RX3000 is a multiparameter logger that can be configured with cellular, WIFI or Ethernet communications which satisfies all of the customer's concerns.

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