HOBO S-LWA Leaf Wetness Smart Sensor

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  • Measurement range: 0 (dry) to 100% (wet)
  • Capacitive grid sensor type
  • Interchangeability between sensors: ±10%
  • Repeatability ±5%
  • Operating temp: -40 to 158°F (-40 to 70°C)

What's in the Box

  • Mounting bracket
  • U-bolt
  • Tie wraps

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The HOBO S-LWA Leaf Wetness Smart Sensor is designed to work with HOBO® stations with its plug-in modular connector. All calibration parameters are stored inside the smart sensor, which automatically communicates configuration information to the station without the need for any programming, calibration, or extensive setup. Unlike other leaf wetness sensors, the HOBO leaf wetness smart sensor does not require any painting or coating.

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